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Paul, Oliver, Joanna, Alex N. (IBM), Alex A. (Intel), Chris, Alan

4.5 planning

Has plan closed from IBM side?

  • Closed except for backfill for some support bits may lag till about January (Support for profile, UI, trace components)
    • Eugene is helping out in the short term.
    • No need to deprecate as many components (BIRT reprots, LTA/symptom DB editor, statistical agents and views).
      • Provide an as-is download.
  • There will be some deprecation in some reporting bits. We will note this breakage on the web site to collect feedback
  • Log analyzer and Symptom editor will be separated out into a separate component
    • Concept has been run by some key consumers who do not see a problem.
    • Question came up (Alex) to confirm that these features will still be GA and not reduced to tech preview: Yes, GA
    • Harm believes this change effectively breaks some existing APIs and suggests that it be done early (M3) to give plenty of time for comments from community
    • There is a fair amount of work for refactoring this and some other API changes for M3 (which is in a few weeks).
      • It may be a stretch to get all of it reflected in M3.
  • Staffing is not yet secured @IBM for some statistics analysis components
  • Manual test from test project is moving from GA to tech preview because of support availability

Are there any major AG review items for discussion/ratification by PMC

  • Paul reports no serious problems.
  • There are a few recent stragglers (late arriving reviews)
  • Paul sent out updated list recently
  • AI: A few approved items have a question or two in the bugzilla comments that need to be addressed by the owner of the enhancements
    • Chris to follow up with Guru to make sure comments/questions in TI enhancements are answered.

Joanna raised a question regarding two enhancement requests that are currently not in the plan

  • Joanna sees behavior as a PI->TI regression (difference in behavior)
    • There has not been enough dialog between the teams to close. Joanna reported that Alex (Intel) mentioned that there are not resources on one item but did not provide much additional detail. IBM team would like a bit more discussion around whether they are containable.
    • - Add support for method level coverage
    • - [enh] [HeapProf] Add support for analyzing object references
    • Chris to follow up with Guru to make sure that some additional discussion happens around these defects.

We had discussion about "weekly" schedules for tracking purposes

  • Oliver still wants, for each project an approximate week by week plan for what will be done
    • Purpose it to allow "at a glance" determination of whether everything is on track
    • It is permissible to have some larger blocks of time (e.g., 10 wks for bugfix) coupled with some progress indicator so PMC can tell that release is on track.
  • Question came up regarding whether there are concerns with this "weekly" model.
    • Chris mentioned that he has some concerns if it is taken to an extreme. However he remains open to trying it for a few months and then take a checkpoint and adjust as needed.
    • Joanna mentioned that there are some concerns about degrading to micromanagement but is also open to trying the model
    • Paul spoke positively (and others agreed) that it is good to write down each team leads vision of work over time.
    • Paul created a WIKI page (see >> Releases >> 4.5) for each project to track their weekly schedule.

Joanna had a discussion about Bidirectional NLS support. By Friday it is necessary to know if 4.5 will be compliant.

  • Alex knows of no major issues to prevent a "yes" but wants to review the documents in order to be sure.
  • For Agent Controller (and other native code), PMC is unsure if team has tested fully. However, there are no open defects in this area that anyone is aware of.

Regarding closing on enhancements

  • AI for project leads... Analyze and respond to Paul's latest list of approved enhancements and send formal message to PMC list confirming that they can be covered.
    • This should be done by the end of THIS WEEK
    • After this (possibly next week?) PMC can vote and confirm 4.5 plan.

Mild discussion about 4.5 regarding what we WON'T do.

  • Will not do MacOS.
  • It is probably too late for Oliver to shake out additional resources from participating companies to get some more for Test so we're unlikely to have significant new use cases for Test in 4.5.

4.4.1 Discussion

What is going on for 4.4.1?

  • Security for AC
  • Alex N. has some defects
    • 1 is trivial related to copyright statements
    • One related to XPATH correlation (crash after long run)
    • One related to memory leak (regression since 4.4)
  • Test has a few items
    • Vista item (related to URL reporting?)
    • Fix a missed "provisional tag" in an API that went in in 4.4
  • Platform -- Joanna is checking
  • Trace -- Nothing new unless there have been new regression sightings since

Test pass end of November aligned with the release of the latest IBM JRE 1.5.

Project Leads need to triage the 21 defects targeted to 4.4.1.

Project Leads need to check copyrights.

Test Automation Status

Paul was in Toronto for F2F with team this week.

  • Test process/strategy document is 2/3 of the way done.
  • Some automation with IBM's profiler manual tests is in process.
  • In creating the infrastructure that runs tests, Joel has been quite busy with some other items and it has been slightly delayed.
    • 1-2 weeks delay. What was hoped for start of Nov will now be mid-Nov.
  • Paul has responded to Kiryl (Intel) who wants to be involved and provide some input.
    • Paul has forwarded some detailed minutes and is open to adjusting weekly meeting times if Kiryl wants to start joining.
  • We can start to evangelize this strategy to other sub-projects in Eclipse in the new year.
  • See the WIKI page for more details on the test automation initiative, including meeting minutes.

Supporting Oliver on Use cases

Oliver is going to Eclipse meet to discuss interesting use cases for TPTP with other Eclipse projects. There was some good bullet items and discussion that happened on the mailing list. It is time to move to next level.

Two areas for profiler

  • J2EE use cases
    • IBM lost resource with most experience in this in early Jan.
    • Joel is ramping on the technology now.
    • After he finishes ramping possibly can create some use case document
  • J2SE use cases
    • Intel will flesh out a few of the J2SE use cases.
      • Chris to talk to Guru and Alex about drafting it (target: November 6)
    • Desired is a document/presentation/zip file with
      • Document characteristics of ideal customer (familiar with Eclipse, compiled their application)
      • Specific steps (suitable for someone already expert in Eclipse) for configuring, collecting, and analyzing results as well as appropriate filters.
      • Perhaps some example screen shots, scripts, filter files, and/or sample file for them to get started with.


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