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  • Present:
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Oliver Cole
    • Alex Alexeev
    • Harm Sluiman
    • Alex Nan
  • Missing:
    • Joanna Kubasta - conflict
    • Chris Elford - conflict
    • Guru Nagarajan - conflict


  • No objections to meeting minutes.


  • 4.5 will ship with the Ganymede Simultaneous Release (target release date: June 30, 2008).
  • 4.5 plan needs to be closed by EclipseWorld 2007 (November 6 - 8, 2008):
    • Oliver wants to showcase the Java Profiler and test automation to other Eclipse projects.
    • See the WIKI page for more details on the test automation initiative, including meeting minutes.
  • IBM will finish deprecation list by Friday, October 19, 2007.

Action Items

  • Joanna will get closure with IBM for 4.5 plan by end of day Friday.
  • Chris will get closure with Intel for 4.5 plan by end of day Friday.
  • Project Leads to review and approve the draft 4.5 schedule.
  • Project Leads to prepare for next week what is required for 4.4.1 (defects) and the completion date (excluding testing).
  • Project Leads to prepare for next week a weekly milestone schedule based on the draft 4.5 schedule.
  • Oliver will close on promoting the new Project Leads to the EMO.


  • AG Calls:
    • Project Leads should remind their commmitters to propose topics for upcoming AG calls. The AG is responsible for the development, articulation, and maintenance of our project architecture in alignment with the Eclipse architecture. These weekly calls assist this effort by discussing project-wide architectural topics in an open forum. We will use these calls to:
      • discuss/debate architectural direction
      • review existing architectural concerns/limitations
      • showcase new/existing function/features
      • discuss any technical topics affecting the entire project
    • All committers should actively participate in these calls by requesting and discussing various architectural topics. Please send Paul your suggested topics so we can schedule dates/speakers.
  • EclipseCon 2008:
    • Reminder to participate in EclipseCon 2008 by proposing a talk or tutorial for the Test and Performance category. This category covers topics related to test and performance tooling that leverage Eclipse. Test and Performance tooling is used throughout the software development and test life cycle, from early unit testing, profiling, and tuning to post-deployment monitoring, tracing, and log analysis. This category is focused on the implementation, extension, and use of test and performance tooling - both open source and commercial - targeting a broad spectrum of systems including embedded, stand-alone, distributed, and enterprise. There is particular interest in exploitation and user experience of the Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) project. Presentation types include:
      • Tutorial: A two hour presentation, with coding and/or a hands on workshop.
      • Long Talk: A one hour presentation that goes into detail and/or demonstration on a topic.
      • Short Talk: A five to ten minute presentation that covers the highlights of a topic.
      • Posters: Posters are presented at the poster reception session.
      • Birds of a Feather (BoF): BoF meetings are informal one-and-a-half-hour gatherings of people who want to talk about a particular topic.
    • If you are interested in proposing a talk or tutorial, please:
    • Important dates include:
      • November 19, 2007: Submission deadline.
      • December 10, 2007: Tutorials, Long Talks, and Short Talks selected.
      • January 19, 2008: Submissions open for posters and BoFs.

Sub-call: Embedded Profiling

  • Present:
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Oliver Cole
    • Alex Alexeev
    • Harm Sluiman
    • Dominique Toupin (Ericsson)
    • Pawel Piech (WindRiver)
    • Doug Schaefer (QNX)
    • Christophe Telep (IBM)
  • Proposed as a three year project:
    • First step is to survey users/companies for requirements.
    • Target start date: January 2007
  • There is synergy between embedded profiling and TPTP:
    • Potential to share design/implementation work item with the TPTP Java Profiler.
    • Since there is no commercial profiler for embedded C++ environment, the amount of code reuse is TBD.
  • Should be considered as a Technology Preview for 4.5.
    • A Technology Preview or Tech Preview is developed, tested, and released (TPTP Download site) with the TPTP releases but not part of the GA code.
  • Given the TPTP 4.5 planned commitments and resources, TPTP contribution is limited process guidelines and design/technical review:
    • Joanna Kubasta (Platform Project Lead), Chris Elford (Intel PMC representative), Guru Nagarajan (Trace Project Lead), and Paul Slauenwhite (Test Project Lead/Architectural Group (AG) Lead) will provide process guidelines and reviews.
    • Team should monitor the project mailing list and news group.
    • Team should provide routine updates to the AG or PMC call.
    • If required, the Team should hold a bi-/weekly status update/review call, once design/implementation starts.

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