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Attending: Oliver Paul Joanna Chris Alex

What is going on (besides 4.5)

4.4.1 -- anything to do at this point?

  • Schedule is in place
    • See [1]
    • All should review and comment
  • Open ended period before we have a test pass
    • Extended development mode w/ PMC approval
  • Current 4.4.1 has been somewhat tested
    • Unclear if a few patches have squeaked in.

Are we leaving it open ended until we go thru a test pass?

    • There will not be a full test pass until Jan for 4.4.1
    • There will be automated builds
  • Joanna: At minimum need to run all the profiling buckets
  • Much of what needs to be run will not be in the automated buckets
  • AR to leads to come back next week with a statement about WHAT constitutes a "full" test pass for 4.4.1.

Leave schedule as is for now, will have serious discussion in early November about testing that needs to happen.

Test Automation Discussion

Test automation will include both 4.4.1 and 4.5

  • Have agreed to OS/platform/Java 1.5 but have not yet agreed on Java vendor
    • 1.5 Sun
    • Decision to go with 1.5 VM (IBM) off of developerworks [2]
    • POC by mid-oct -- firm by end of oct and roll out to broader project by sometime in Nov.
    • Considering with a secondary platform if everything going smoothly (linux and different VM)

See the WIKI page for more details on the test automation initiative, including meeting minutes.

On Leads and Committers

Oliver working to make sure all the right access rights to make sure that all leads have the rights they need in order to do their job.

  • Have project leads explicitly followed up with all their inactive committers to check if they want to be removed or not.
    • Harm suggests sending private mail asking them to send a message to the mailing list stating their intention & giving deadline. If not respond, log on list or PMC meeting minutes.

TPTP 4.5

Closure on resources and plan matched to resources

  • Owned by Joanna
    • AI: Everyone to read by next Wednesday and follow up during PMC
    • Plan should include what will keep main contributors happy and what else can be accomodated for community.

4.5 timeline

  • AI: Each lead comes up with a week by week schedule of expected accomplishments that adds to total objective. These would be discussed weekly at PMC. It is okay if some weeks are duplicates (e.g., development phase)
    • Paul thinks it may help us with some of our delays/issues. Unsure if it should be weekly or bi-weekly
    • Oliver would be okay with bi-weekly. Aim for weekly/bi-weekly.

Will have weekly milestones for both 4.4.1 and 4.5.

  • Internal deadline for 2 weeks from today (next week is plan)

Is everyone clear on what will be deprecated? Will it be clear next week?

  • It was supposed to be clear this week.
    • Joanna and Harm have not heard back internally from IBM
    • If no more received by next Wednesday we will decide for ourselves.
      • Oliver would not mind cutting deep if necessary.

Profiler discussion

  • Harm noted some comments from lists regarding issues with Agent Controller
    • Chris hopes that many of the existing defects will be resolved in 4.5
  • Reviewed a bit of what will and won't be covered in 4.5. A few things that won't be covered include the data model scalability problem.
    • Harm reiterated that we need to be careful in our description to distinguish the EMF interface from the serialization model when we describe problems/potential solutions.
    • if not serializing to XMI under EMF we would not as quickly hit the limit

IBM distributess the TI profiler but are not crawling down Olivers back with scalability issues. Why not?

  • IBM distributes primarily as vehicle for distributed traces (at a scale where there are not fundamental issues)
    • Chris to follow up after
    • Is this a good topic for upcoming AG call
      • We will try to schedule

Oliver needs a use case that can discuss with other teams at Eclipse (would like to meet with them Nov 6th)

  • Looking for 1 project that can profile under a specific scenario.
  • Trying to get them to be good beta users of our components.
  • Do we (Intel) know what the specific scenarios would be suggested
    • Chris to sit down with Intel team next week and get high level suggested use cases to mailing list next week
      • Team to follow up on lists (IBM to add their background) and direct AG call to close if needed.

Embedded profiling --

  • Chris to talk to Guru about the potential embedded collaborator.
    • They had some concerns about a trace based model.
    • They are not as much a Java vendor either.
      • Potential attendees: Oliver, Paul, Harm, Guru and if times can work, Chris, Harm

In preparation for 4.5, need iteration targets. Need to create targeting bugzillas.


  • Chris will be out for two weeks;
  • Joanna will be out next week as well.

Question about WSDM code currently in place in TPTP and whether it has migrated to COSMOS. Some questions about what is going on with the code right now before it moves. Oliver will follow up.

Paul still reviewing top ten guidelines for UI

  • Paul says we look pretty much aligned but need to figure out how to measure/gauge ourselves against target.

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