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Attending: Oliver, Paul, Alex, Chris

Closing Down

Test has a few more hours of testing

  • Found one regression that was fixed in 4.4.1. Will be proposing one change.
    • Do we want to have the additional patch in
    • It was fully tested in 4.4.1 so risk is exceedingly low.

Monitoring wrapping up today

  • Has some results to check in from remote teams

Profiler should be pretty much done

Test Automation Progress

Paul and Joel and Jonathan met to discuss goals

  • Consolodate test automation
  • Hopefully reuse some Test project infrastructure
  • Hook pieces into build
    • Reference platform -- Discussion came up regarding whether there should be two

Team to come back Oct 17th with

  • Report on plan and components that will reuse
  • POC w/ some hello world

By end of Oct

  • Fully integrate POC
  • Document limitations and procedures and policies
    • With this TPTP team can start working on creating "properly" formated tests

Around mid November

  • As many manual tests as possible running on new infrastructure
  • Measures of potential cost savings

Oliver asks: At what point is someone "shamed" if someone checks something in without test or with issues on reference platform.

  • Probably around mid November

Alex asks: What tests will be hooked in

  • Definately JUnits
  • Still working to decide on what to use for UI tests (possibly AGR)
    • Alex notes that some more complex tests cannot be done using JUnit and are AGR based. Team discussed

See the WIKI page for more details on the test automation initiative, including meeting minutes.


Paul and Joel went off and looked into Running Emma/Eclipse. Came up with batch file that does the secret sauce. Several Test project committers used it

at 4.4.3 report page instead of tabular there is a sample emma page [1]

  • note that this was only a small amount of testing so ignore the % coverage for now.
  • Reports are a bit bloated right now (many megabytes). Needs some customization
  • Looks pretty beneficial at this point. Next step after is to integrate with build for 4.5

Paul hopes we can use projectwide for 4.5.

Paul posted script and instructions to test project mailing list [2]

Oliver asks if any other Eclipse projects are doing line level coverage

  • Not really right now.

Licensing question

  • It is sourceforge project
  • EMO is reviewing. Hopefully will tie up for Ganymede

Ramping up 4.5

Resource gap for supercritical items for 4.5 discussed appears to

Ganymede drop is Oct 9. TPTP to drop Oct 5

Need to start testing Essentially there needs to be package verfication

Is it possible to deliver and rename it to 4.5 and dropping it for initial Ganymede pass.

  • Is this lower risk
    • No full smoke test required
    • Would only need to reverify packages after renaming
  • General agreement that this is the approach to take
  • Essentially 4.4.1 (and 4.5 mods) will roll in for next Ganymede drop
    • Most project just finishing up Europa service release and getting ramped for Ganymede

Need to get release engineering team on board to create appropriate tweaks

There are some UI convergence rules coming in.

  • TPTP will look at.
  • Paul will analyze for impact

4.5 Deprecation lists still up in the air. Some discussion regarding additional resource that may allow _some_ of

  • AGR
  • Manual test
  • URL test

Monitoring project has no changes at this point


Notes from F2F

  • No current objections
  • Please bring any additions next week to telecon

AG will start reconvening starting Oct 12

  • Working with Harm thru existing list
  • Trace and Platform -- has not seen

Sent out a plea for topics -- suggest each project lead have discussion in their meetings about potential project areas.

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