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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Rohit Shetty


    • Richard Yun Song Huang - sent status per e-mail
    • Hariharan Narayanan
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh - vacation


  • Rohit
    • investigated bug 137716, needs clarification from Paul, apparently the client code is not coded properly
    • who is the owner of the logging agent discoverer? Alex doesn't know exactly. Need identify the plugin in the project matrix.
  • Richard
    • struggling with updating the ARM agent to work with the new JVMTI API: bug 212009, bug 205821
    • Paul scheduled a meeting for tomorrow May 7th, 2008 to clarify the Richard's problems as well as Harm's questions related to the BTM design
  • Hari
    • answered a question posted by Alex related to the MAX junits
    • no other activity
    • Rohit mentions that Hari may not be participating to the monitoring calls anymore
    • Alex asked Tivoli Autonomic computing - management about Hari's status, no answer yet

Action items

  • Alex to work with Joel on getting the build script changes for bug 230047
  • Alex to investigate the two enablement defects: bug 225071, bug 225075
  • Alex to ask approval for bug 213295
  • Rohit to provide a test for bug 174645, will need to ask approval for it to be included into i8
  • Rohit to concentrate on getting a resolution on bug 137716, which is currently marked as critical

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