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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Rohit Shetty
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh
    • Richard Yun Song Huang
    • Hariharan Narayanan


  • Rohit ran a smoke test on the remote log import scenarios
  • Alex ran a smoke test on the statistical agents
  • need to run the remaining tests with the new candidate driver by end of week


  • Rohit verified the patches for bug 207763 and bug 207806 and Alex to checked them in
  • Alex revisited the list of assigned tests for 4.5 i5
  • Monitoring project has finished 4.5 i5 testing
  • some regressions where found: bug 219205, bug 219217, bug 219219, bug 219225
  • the critical regression bug 219205 has been fixed by Alex and made the 4.5 i5 driver
  • other defects opened during the test pass: bug 219242 , bug 219264, bug 219269, bug 219467
  • the Log and Trace analyzer team has been hit during the 4.5 i5 test pass by the fact that all AGR tests failed
  • Gotoh-san remarked that the AGR tests were failing because of package names being changed during the 4.5 i5 refactoring work
  • Alex opened defects to update the AGR tests: bug 219265 , bug 219266, bug 219267
  • Alex started assigning the i6 and i7 defects to each remaining week in the project's weekly schedule, will finish by end of day Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 (by the time these notes are written all the remaining Monitoring project and Log and Trace analyzer defects have already been assigned)
  • Hari remarked the following about the remaining 4.5 i5 MAX defects:
  • Richard has a workaround for bug 212806 to avoid the dependency on bug 212009, will provide a patch
  • Alex asked the team to concentrate on reducing the defect backlog, there are still many remaining monitoring project + Log and Trace Analyzer platform defects that need to be addressed in i6 and i7

Action items

  • Alex to finish assigning defects to weekly schedule (already done) and scrubbing untargeted defects
  • monitoring project to finish 4.4.1 smoke test
  • team to work on defects assigned for the first week of 4.5 i6
  • Alex needs to check with Matt whether bug 173541 is required by BTM and to return bug 194850
  • Alex to check with Richard whether he can contain the assigned defects
  • Alex to look over Richard's patch for bug 212806

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