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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Hariharan Narayanan
    • Rohit Shetty
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh
  • Absent:
    • Richard Yun Song Huang - on vacation


  • Rohit, Hari, Gotoh-san and Richard finished their tests and checked in the results
  • Alex still has to complete Monitor.CommonServices, Monitor.Doc.Smoke (by the time the notes are written all tests have been executed and checked in)
  • Linux monitoring agents and remote log import failing because of bug 217035
  • no problems found in the monitoring project components
  • need to retest the failing scenario with the new driver
  • Richard on vacation, Matt is backing him up for TP2


  • Alex completed bug 212807, bug 104281, bug 181285, bug 201975, bug 212807
  • Alex couldn't contain bug 148272,bug 192250, these will be deferred to i6
  • Rohit completed bug 182872, bug 199417, bug 208679
  • bug 164039 requires build changes and couldn't be contained in i5, will be deferred to i6
  • Hari created patch for bug 185625 and Alex checked in the code
  • Hari raised issues that the remaining manual MAX tests may not be possible to be automated because of AGR limitations
  • no clarification from Richard on the status of bug 212806 and bug 210785, will need to check with Matt
  • bug 184530 couldn't be contained in i5, will be moved to i6
  • any defect that couldn't be contained in i5 will be either moved to i6 or i7.
  • Alex thinks that all the remaining defects cannot be contained in i6
  • the team will need to concentrate in i6 to bring down the number of defects on the Log and Trace Analyzer now that the features are done
  • all the remaining automation defects will need to be done ASAP, this work item cannot drag anymore
  • the monitoring project doesn't have except one critical defect owned by Richard bug 210785, any high severity defects, from this point of view the project is in pretty good shape
  • Alex mentioned that end of i6 development is API freeze (03/14/2008) and end of i6 is PII freeze (04/04/2008)
  • doc changes are still allowed after 04/04/2008 but it is good practice to check in the major doc changes by 04/04/2008 (M6)
  • last doc drop before GA: Doc3 06/10/2008

Action items

  • team to retest failing 4.4.1 scenarios by Friday Feb 8th, 2008 end of day, once the TP2 driver is announced
  • Alex to move all the remaining i5 defects to i6 or i7
  • Alex to contact Matt with regard to 4.4.1 TP2 and 4.5 TP1
  • Rohit to retest the remote import log scenarios on Linux
  • Gotoh-san to complete as soon as possible the symptom automation defect bug 207251
  • Hari to clarify if automating the manual MAX test cases (bug 180950) is possible
  • team to start 4.5 i5 TP1 testing once the candidate driver is announced

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