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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Hariharan Narayanan
    • Richard Yun Song Huang
  • Absent
    • Rohit Shetty (on vacation)
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh (excused)


  • approval for 207806, 207763 was rejected by the PMC since the need for having a fix in 4.4.1 requested by the consumer is not clarified yet
  • got a response from one of the Websphere consumers that they need a patch on 4.2.1 for 207763
  • situation not clarified yet for the two remaining defects: 207806, 207160


  • Alex
    • integrated the new LTA features 207240 with the help of Joel into the build
    • encountered problems with build integration and the build broke several times because of the new changes
  • Hari
    • provided patch for 167036 and junit test case
  • Rohit
  • Richard
    • encountered problems while trying to fix 205821, looks like the ARM agent is not using the new execution framework
    • is bringing up a limitation on EJB support in the ARM library related to defect 190733
  • Gotoh-san
    • needs to check in patch for 148264
    • 194030- still on-going and will take some more time to complete
    • completed 195026 and will provide a patch
    • 206499 - almost completed and the patch will be attached for review

Action items

  • Alex to review new patches
  • Alex to complete 210476
  • Alex to complete i4 defects and reassign defects related to features that cannot be contained in i4 to i5.
  • Richard to send info on the new test cases added for 206718
  • Hari to notify Alex whether he is able to resolve the new auto gui test cases by end of week
  • Gotoh-san to complete his defects
  • everybody prepares for i4 test pass 1 which starts Monday Dec.10th, 2007

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