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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Rohit Shetty
    • Hariharan Narayanan
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh
    • Richard Yun Song Huang


  • Rohit fixed 206260, PMC approval is pending
  • Alex hasn't finished 206665 yet, will close on this by end of week
  • provide a patch to consumer (Autonomic Computing Log Analyzer) for 206260 and 206665
  • need to provide a patch for consumer (WebSphere Business Monitor) for 207763 and 207806.
  • there is a high chance that the initial target date Friday November 16th, 2007 will slip for a few days.


  • 4.5 i3 TP2 completed
  • some issues with a few test results which were not showing up in the report (solved at the time these notes are written)
  • Rohit still working on the automation defect: 207253
  • Gotoh-san still working on the automation defect: 207251
  • Alex stressing the importance of having the automation defects completed
  • Rohit raised the issue that AGR test cases are hard to maintain
  • Hari for example automated his tests on Eclipse 3.3 and now on Eclipse 3.4 things are not working anymore. He preferred to run the manual tests instead for TP2
  • Alex agrees but on the other hand do we have alternatives? Tests that require user interaction are not really automatable using junits.
  • if junits are suitable for a test scenario then they should be the preferred testing method
  • Alex observes the rather poor coverage of the test suites, the new defects opened: 209403 , 209404, 209690 were found during ad hoc, scenario driven tests and not caught by any currently existing test case
  • Gotoh-san experimented with junit but will use AGR for 207251
  • Richard has finished features 194954, 206718 and waits for i4 to open to check in his code and associated tests
  • Richard plans to work on 205821 in i4
  • Hari plans to work on 167036 in i4, 185625 in i5 and 181221 in i6

Action items

  • Alex to contact WebSphere Business Monitor to check whether a slippage from the promised target date Friday November 16th, 2007 is a problem
  • team to continue working on automating tests, i.e. complete defects 207251, 207253, 207253, 207255
  • Alex to help Hari with some AGR test issues
  • team to concentrate on reducing the defect backlog in i4
  • Alex and Marius to complete the refactoring work 207240 and to resume work on features 200138, 200139
  • Alex to define a couple of scenario driven test cases that would form the base for the Log Analyzer smoke tests (by the time these lines are written Alex thinks of involving Rohit and Gotoh-san in this work).

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