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  • Present:
    • Alex Nan
    • Yasuhisa Gotoh
    • Richard Yun Song Huang
    • Rohit Shetty
  • Absent:
    • Hariharan Narayanan - on vacation



  • 4.5 i3 TP1 finished
  • still an outstanding test suite to run Monitor.UI.Common.Services
  • some of the BTM test results were not checked into CVS yet
  • iteration numbers have shifted out by 2 to align with the Eclipse Ganymede milestone numbers
    • Alex has updated i2 and i3 targetted defects to i4 and i5
  • work in progress on 207240
  • work in progress on 208586
  • in TP2 we will run only a smoke test since no defects were fixed in TP1
  • in the remaining spare time to try finishing the test case automation work
  • new defects have been opened by Marius to track the work for the features 200138, 200139
  • new defects have been opened, reported by a consuming product:
    • 207763
    • 207806
    • could be potential 4.4.1 candidates
    • consuming product will likely request a patch on TPTP4.2.2
  • after TP2 the focus should be on reducing the backlog of defects and feature work

Action items

  • Richard to check in the remaining BTM test results
  • Rohit to fix 206260 as soon as possible
  • Alex to finish 206665 as soon as possible
  • Alex in collaboration with Joel and Samson to finish 208586
  • Alex to define the smoke test content (at the time these notes are written this is already done)
  • Alex (with Marius) to finish work on 207240
  • finish TP2 by Friday November 9, 2007 (worse case by Tuesday November 13, 2007)

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