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  • February 19, 2008


  • Present:
    • Paul Slauenwhite
    • Asaf Yaffe
    • Eugene Chan
    • Alexander Alexeev
    • Joanna Kubasta
    • Chris Elford



  • Background on the Thread Profiler:
    • Martini/JVMTI agent.
    • Trace model extensions (e.g. thread start/stop and thread states).
    • Two profiler views (Thread Statistics and Thread Utilization views).
  • Contention analysis:
    • Monitor contention:
      • Locates monitor requests while other threads own it.
      • Leads to deadlock.
    • Data Contention:
      • Locates data requests while other threads are using it.
      • Leads to data corruption.
  • Proposed UI changes:
      • New Data Contention view.
      • Updates to the Thread Utilization view such as filter sets and interactions between threads.
      • Critical path analysis:
        • Determines which activities are critical and shortening the path by adding resources and performance tuning:


  • Proposed thread events:
    • Changes to the model loader to handle the following new events:


  • Proposed Trace model changes:
    • Joint thread execution and their interaction including thread start/stop and thread states based on the proposed thread events.


  • Q: Will the existing UML2 thread sequence diagram support the new thread information added to the model under this defect?
  • A: This will not be included in the scope of this enhancement. Eugene opened dependent enhancement 219442 to track this work item.
  • Q: Is the contention analysis instrumentation going to be done at class load time or attach time?
  • A: Both are supported and the preference is configured in the UI.

Action Items

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