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TM 2.0 M5 Testing results mob

Windows X dstore

Verification FAILED during TM 2.0M5 Testing: WinXP SP1, Sun 1.4.2_13, Eclipse-SDK-3.3M5, RSE-SDK I20070219-1615:

  • Download Eclipse 3.3M5, CDT 4.0M5 SDK, EMF 2.3M5 Runtime, RSE 2.0M5 SDK
  • 142712 REOPEN: No filters on connection in team profile
  • 174771 NEW Critical: New Connection Wizard works only on 1st invocation
  • 174772 NEW Enhancement: FTP should do passive mode by default
  • 174774 NEW Regression: ClassCastException in monitor
  • 174775 NEW Regression: InvalidThreadAccess in monitor
  • 174776 NEW Minor: Filter shown twice after creation
  • 174778 NEW Regression: [dstore] Rexec Launcher from New Connection Wizard is not accepted
  • 174789 NEW [api] subsystem wizard pages should not be contributed automatically from property pages
  • 174790 NEW Minor: icons for TestSubsystem are broken
  • 174948 NEW Minor: [terminal-ssh] Terminal asks for host key
  • 174949 NEW [terminal-ssh] Connection fails consistently after previous timeout
  • 174951 NEW [terminal-ssh] Network Timeout Preferences not considered
  • 174953 NEW Major: [terminal] connect consistently fails after a failed telnet connect
  • 174955 NEW Minor: [terminal-ssh] Terminal doesnt disconnect when typing "exit"

Linux X dstore

  • Eclipse-platform 3.3M5
  • Update-Site Eclipse-CVS, CDT-4.0M5, EMF-2.3M5
  • Update-Site RSE-Runtime-All, Terminal, Discovery, Remotecdt
  • 174795 NEW Minor: Update Site asks about optional features
  • 174796 NEW Minor: Cannot install Terminal from update site on Platform without CVS

Found through Code Review

  • 174941 NEW [api] Get rid of AbstractConnectorServiceManager.updateSubSystems(), sharesSystem()
  • 174945 NEW get rid of unused icons, files and properties

Bugs for EclipseCon

  • 174944 NEW Normal: SystemRemoteFolderDlg.setPreSelection() does not work

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