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TCF 1.3 New & Noteworthy

TCF Terminals moved to Target Management

The TCF Terminals View has been promoted to the de-facto standard terminal at Eclipse, and moved to the Target Management Project for ease of adoption. For details, see its Eclipse Marketplace Listing.

TCF API and Protocol

API Tooling Tags (mostly @noimplement) have been added to the TCF Protocol Java Interfaces. All API Additions are marked with "@since 1.3" in the Java Interfaces. The TCF Python Binding is fully on par with the Java binding and actively being tested, maintained and improved.

TCF Agent and C Value-Add

  • Support for DWARF 4 has been added
  • Support for C++11 and ADA has been added
  • Support for debugging inline functions has been added - see bug 461618 for details

Target Explorer

  • The File System Browser has been made much more robust and usable
  • Many bug fixes

Bug Fixes, Robustness and Statistics

104 bugs and enhancement requests have been implemented for the TCF 1.3 release.

See also Ohloh! for statistics.

The TCF project team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 31 contributors in the past 12 months as per the approved IP Log for TCF 1.3 !

The searchable git logs for the agent and the TCF main repository provide more insight into all changes made for TCF 1.3.

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