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TCF 1.2 New & Noteworthy

TCF Terminals as a Lightweight Component

The TCF Terminals View is now available from the Eclipse Marketplace as a lightweight component to provide access to a local command-line (console) as well as remote hosts. This is the first time a reliable Windows console that's embedded into Eclipse is available from .

Big thanks go to rprichard at github whose winpty code has made this possible, Doug Schaefer from the CDT project who has helped us mimized the dependencies on CDT's Spawner and PTY, and Uwe Stieber and Anton Leherbauer from Wind River who spend lots of hours putting it all together.

TCF API and Protocol

API Tooling Tags (mostly @noimplement) have been added to the TCF Protocol Java Interfaces. All API Additions are marked with "@since 1.2" in the Java Interfaces:

Hooks have been added for more generic identifier callbacks (bug 426495) and to support multiple and different context interfaces (bug 422946).

The TCF Python Binding is fully on par with the Java binding and actively being tested, maintained and improved.

TCF Agent and C Value-Add

  • PPC Debug Support has been added to the agent - see (bug 417126 and the list of checkins - big thanks to contributor Stanislav Yakovlev !
  • LOTS of bug fixes, making TCF Debug a very robust and solid solution

Target Explorer

  • A Redesigned UI allows now connection management just from the toolbar - no more need for the Target Explorer View for typical workflows
  • Many bug fixes

Continuous Integration and Unit Test Coverage

The TCF Hudson Instance has been equipped with a robust build and release enginerring system based on Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure. The number of unit tests has been greatly improved, even target communications to a local native C agent are now routinely tested on every Gerrit submission.

This helps giving a lot more confidence with individual commits, thus lowering the barrier for new contributors to join TCF.

Bug Fixes, Robustness and Statistics

104 bugs and enhancement requests have been implemented for the TCF 1.2 release.

See also Ohloh! for statistics.

The TCF project team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our 31 contributors in the past 12 months as per the approved IP Log for TCF 1.2 !

The searchable git logs for the agent and the TCF main repository provide more insight into all changes made for TCF 1.2.

New & Noteworthy changes per component:

TCF Debugger UI

  • Breakpoints: Support default trigger scope, flexible annotation providers and more
    • Hardware Breakpoint Support (bug 383041 - thanks to contributor Scott Tepavich)
  • Register View: Fix Bitfield support (bug 397657, Improve XMM Vector Register support (bug 385917 - thanks to contributor Morvan LeGoff)
  • Disassembly: Many bug fixes and improvements (bug 400183, bug 363927
  • Runcontrol: Many fixes for reverse debugging
  • Many bug fixes

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