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Swordfish Documentation: Registry Interface

Managing WSDL's Resource

The entry point to manage WSDL's is the WSDL resource which has the URI

http://{registry host & port}/registry/wsdl

This resource allows to list the available WSDL, upload a WSDL, modify an existing one, and to delete a WSDL again.

Searching WSDL's

You can either query all the available WSDL's in the registry or a subset according to the following two criteria

  • Retrieve all WSDL's that contain a portType element with a specific fully qualified name.
  • Retrieve all WSDL's that contain a service, which implements a specific portType.

Query Syntax

To get all available WSDL's simply use the GET Method on the WSDL resource. So the following HTTP GET request will return a list of all WSDL's (assuming your registry is installled on with port 80)

GET /registry/wsdl HTTP/1.1

If only looking for WSDL's with a specific portType name use the following schema

GET /wsdl?type=portType&targetNamespace={target namespace}&name={local name} HTTP/1.1

If looking for WSDL's that contain a service implementing a specific portType use use following schema

GET /registry/wsdl?type=service&refPortTypeNamespace={target namespace}&refPortTypeName={fully qualified name} HTTP/1.1


The response of the query is a list of links to WSDL's matching the criteria, which has the following format:


The URL's are relative to the URL of the document.

Working with a specific WSDL resource

Retrieve a specific WSDL resource

To get a specific WSDL just issue a HTTP GET request with the URL of the WSDL resource

GET /registry/wsdl/{wsdl id} HTTP/1.1

Creating / updating a WSDL

The registry interface offers two ways of creating / updating a WSDL. The preferred way is to use a HTTP PUT request to create / update a WSDL. The format of the URI under which to put the WSDL should be something like

/registry/wsdl/{wsdl id}

The body of the request should be the WSDL.

Deleting a WSDL

Just send a DELETE request with the URI of the WSDL you want to delete.


  • Make the query syntax more generic and allow combinations of query paramters
  • Use the the Atom format to return the result set of the query
  • Add POST operation to create and delete WSDL's as HTML does not support PUT & DELETE

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