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Swordfish Documentation: GIT Repository



We need to have a repository for automating patch creation for the Swordfish project which will allow non-eclipse commiters to work with the Swordfish sources.

Current Problem / Pain

Only eclipse commiters could commit to the Swordfish repository, patches need to be send to them to check in.

Advantages/Business Case

GIT repository will automate patch creation and let external (internal) developers work with SCM cycle without Eclipse commiter rights.

Use Cases

• Developers creating a git repository on GITHub. • Developers are forking the one of the eclipse commiters GIT repository. • Developers are working with checkin-checkout cycles, also branching and merging. • Developers are notifying a forked repository owner when they are ready to merge it back.

Conditions of satisfaction

  • GIT works for all developers.
  • Developers can work via GIT with Eclipse Swordfish sources.
  • Patches from the deveopers could be submitted to Eclipse Swordfish subversion repository.
  • Updates from Eclipse Swordfish Subversion repository could be fetched from GIT repository.

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