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Swordfish Documentation: Apache ODE integration

Deploying ODE and BPEL samples in Swordfish

By default you have ode samples in the form of a JBI component package zip file. You must have the OSGI bundle to deploy it to Swordfish .

To deploy ODE and BPEL samples:

  • Change the extension from zip to jar
  • Change the component archive:
    • open archive for editing (or unpack it somewhere) and go to METAINF folder, you should see jbi.xml file here.
    • Add MANIFEST.MF file in this folder with the following content:
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Bundle-SymbolicName: !!!!YOUR BUNDLE NAME!!!!!
Bundle-Version: 0.0.0
DynamicImport-Package: javax.*,org.xml.*,org.w3c.*

  • repack archive and you are ready to install bundle
  • run swordfish and install bundle manually with osgi> install file:///c:/you-bundle-location
  • start bundle with command osgi> start BUNDLE_ID (you can check bundle ID with osgi> ss command)
  • alternatively you can add bundle statement to \org.eclipse.swordfish.bundles\config.ini file to automatic install and start on Swordfish startup.

IMPORTANT: Add 2 empty lines at the end of MANIFEST.MF file

Proposal for the JAX_WS-BPEL integration sample

The sample will cover both scenarios:

  • calling a BPEL process from JAX-WS (BPEL as service provider)
  • calling a JAX-WS service from BPEL (BPEL as service consumer)

The sample realizes the same flight reservation functionality as our standard JAX-WS sample, but uses a reservation storage, which instead implemented as internal hash table is implemented as a separate JAX-WS web service.

We realize the createReservation function as BPEL process calling a JAX-WS implemented reservationStorage.

So the java createReservation implemetation will call an ODE web service implementing this function. BPEL would construct a reservation from the input data and then call a reservationStorage.put web service function.

This way we cover both scenarios in one example, but will provide separate test cases for both scenarios (using a mock BPEL service and calling BPEL directly).

JAX_WS-BPEL demo implementation proposal



  • simple java based web service client
  • SWORDFISH instance with demo BPEL process deployed
  • second SWORDFISH instance with JAX-WS services deployed (using separate SWORDFISH instance need for clear demonstation that we really invoke JAX-WS services from BPEL process)

The scenario is:

  1. Simple Client execute createReservation request to SWORDFISH 1, BPEL process start executing.
  2. After prepare needed info createReservation BPEL process invoke reservationStorage.put() deployed on SWORDFISH 2 and returns success confirmation and reservation ID to simple client.
  3. for additional check Simple Client invoke reservationStorage.find() service directly on SWORDFISH 2.

Installing BPEL Editor in Ganymede

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