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The IP Project Log is a documentat that records code and non-code contributions.

Section 1 (Committers)

A list of all the Committers, past and present, whose contribution is still active in the repository.

Project Leads
kkiehne dwolz gpreissler jstrachan gnodet aco jlim

Section 2 bugs committed

Bugs Committed
Date Bug # Committer description
12/03/07 IpZilla 1865 owolf initial contribution by Deutsche Post
12/03/07 IpZilla 1868 owolf Apache Neethi Jar (WS Commons Policy) Version: SVN Revision 465525
12/03/07 IpZilla 1869 owolf Apache Commons Configuration 1.2

Section 3 (Third Party Software)

A list of the non-Eclipse third party software included in the Project:

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