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Stardust/Retention Policy

Retention Policy for Stardust builds

Code in git

Any code that was included in a release, is left in git forever. Each release build is tagged. Those build tags would be something like "v4.0.0.YYYYmmdd-HHMM-GA" where the date-time-stamp matches the jar or zip file names. Milestone or nightly builds are not tagged.


Releases are kept forever, but only the most recent release is kept on the main download page. Other, older distributions, can be found on the archive site. While developing a new release, milestone builds are kept until the release. Nightly builds are produced (nearly) every night from whatever has been committed to the main branch (e.g. origin/development) or maintenance branch (e.g. release/4.0.1). They are completely untested! Nightly builds are deleted with the next nightly build run.

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