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Stardust/Knowledge Base/Web Service API/Web Service Client API Tool


This page explains how to build and use the WS Client API tool. The tool can be used standalone to test any running Stardust instance or the resulted jar file can be embeded in any other project to consume exposed WS Client services or the project can be used as an example to write or extend Stardust Client WS API.

Exposed services

  • Starting a process with a process attachment
  • Accessing the process attachment
  • Querying for process instances
  • Querying for activity instances
  • Adding a grant to the session user
  • Completing the activity which finishes the process
  • Find all the valid users

How to build the project/tool

  • Download the archived .zip file from here - [[1]]
  • Unzip it to desired location on your hard disk.
  • Go to the unzipped folder.
  • Edit the file named, found at src/main/resources folder, to and edit values to following parameters accordingly (poiniting to your running IPP instance against which you want to run the tool)
WebService.Host = localhost
WebService.Port = 9090
WebService.SslPort = 443
WebService.ContextRoot = EnovosTraining
  • Run mvn clean install command.
  • It will create a jar named wsclient-1.0.0.jar (provided you gave 1.0.0 as its version in the pom.xml file) under target folder.

How to run the project/tool

  • Copy following jar files under dependency_jars folder before launching console.bat:
  • You can find these jars under your local repository directory after building the project/tool.
  • Deploy provide xpdl file found under src/main/resources folder into Startdust runtime instances
  • Run console.bat, found at unzipped folder, to launch the WS Client tool against given/configured Stardust runtime instance.

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