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Stardust/Enhancing and Embedding Stardust/Browser Modeler/Using the Browser Modeler from Orion


The Reference Implementation of the Stardust Browser Modeler (Lightdust) provides an integration with Orion to manage BPMN2 and XPDL Process Models via Orion.

Orion Plug-In

The Lightdust Orion Plug-In implements the following Service Providers:

Provider ID Purpose
orion.edit.editor lightdust.editor Lightdust Editor
orion.core.contenttype N/A Content Types for XPDL and BPMN.
orion.navigate.openWith N/A Directive to open files with Content Types for XPDL and BPMN above with lightdust.editor.
orion.navigate.content lightdust.content.bpmn Navigation entry to create a BPMN Process Model.
orion.navigate.content lightdust.content.xpdl Navigation entry to create an XPDL Process Model.

Security Aspects

Deployment on Orion Hub

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