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StAC 090225 Minutes

Took place on 1700 UTC (9am Pacific, noon Eastern). Wednesday, February 25th.


  • Boris Bokowski (IBM)
  • Patt Huff (IBM)
  • Martin Oberhuber (WindRiver)
  • Donald Smith (Eclipse Foundation)


  • Donald highlighted decreasing participation in StAC and need to come up with a really compelling set of ideas for the release train.
  • Still believe in F2F meeting at EclipseCon
    • Agenda -- open to all councils
    • Futures of Eclipse
    • Invite Board/Foundation
      • Disconnect between board and councils
      • SWOT Analysis presented to the council members (?)
      • Road Map, T&P
    • EPIC modernization
    • Program plan input by councils
    • Role of the StAC


  • N/A

Next Meeting

  • EclipseCon 2009: Sunday Mar 22 1500-1700 at the Hyatt

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