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Software Engineering the Autonomous Rover


In this version of the Autonomous Rover Case Study, we work with the ISO/IEC 29110 Software Engineering Life Cycle Basic Profile, taken from the Generic Profile Group. The first step you will want to take, then, is to download and review the following document from the ISO Free Download page:

  • ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-1-2:2011 (Software engineering -- Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) -- Part 5-1-2: Management and engineering guide: Generic profile group: Basic profile)
  • ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-1-2:2011 Free Download Link


In this case study, we will articulate the Autonomous Rover in one of two versions:

  • using an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller; and
  • using a Raspberry PI 2 B+ computer board.

Step 0 Case Study Set-up

To complete the Autonomous Rover Software Engineering Case Study.

Case Study Steps

The Software Engineering Autonomous Rover Case Study is divided into nine modules corresponding to each of the ISO/IEC 29110 Deployment Packages for Systems Engineering, as follows:

Although they are not directly involved in the execution of the Case Study, the last two DPs are included below for completeness:

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