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Sharing Editor Selections

We've been doing some prototyping work with the example collab application...specifically, we added some rudimentary support for distributed code reviews with two or more participants.

Two or more clients first connect to a collaboration group. For example, here is user slewis connecting to a collaboration group


Slewis is then connected to the given collaboration group


Joe then connects to the same group


Then, slewis selects some text in the java editor, opens the context menu (right click), and selects a new menu item 'Share Selection' at the bottom of the context menu


Immediately, Joe's editor opens with the same resource as in slewis's editor (, scrolls to the appropriate location (if necesssary), and the text selected by slewis ('Foo' classname) is shown as selected in Joe's editor.


Note that in the text chat, some markup is inserted to describe the sharing event


Note that the markup can also be treated as a hyperlink, allowing sharing events to be automatically recorded and 'played back' at will.



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