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Services Directory

Services Directory

Based on feedback from the EPIC Council, here is the Services Directory Feature Request List.

This section details the changes that would be needed to create a new directory or services similar to that of the plugins. Since the plugin directory uses a lot of terminology that is specific to plugins. The goal is the encourage the submission and locating of Eclipse Related Services and training through this new directory.

To Create this new directory, the existing plugins directory code would be forked into a new PostNuke Module that would function similarly. Below is a list of bullets that from investigation would need to be done in order for this to work.

  • Creation of new database tables for use by the services directory
  • Customize the data that is used to describe Services and Training listings
    • Remove fields that have no relation to services (ex. version, support Eclipse version, update url, etc)
    • Create new fields that have a relation to services (ex. Testimonials, Next Event, Locations, etc)
  • Modifying the existing Web_Links (Plugins) module code to use the new databases that have been created.
  • Decide how this new section is displayed on the homepage
  • Decide what different category types there would be for this new directory

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