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SensiNact/Data Model

Resources can be classified as shown in Table , while the access methods are described in Table 2: Resource's access method.

Type Description
Sensor Data Sensory data provided by a service. This is real-time information provided, for example, by the SmartObject that measures physical quantities.
Action Functionality provided by a service. This is mostly an actuation on the physical environment via an actuator SmartObject supporting this functionality (turn on light, open door, etc.) but can also be a request to do a virtual action (play a multimedia on a TV, make a parking space reservation, etc.).
Property Information representing a SmartObject state variable of the service. This variable is most likely to be modified by an action (turn on light modifies the light state, opening door changes the door state, etc.) but also to intrinsic conditions associated to the working procedure of the service.
State Variable Property exposed by a service. This is information which is likely to be static (owner, model, vendor, static location, etc.). In some cases, this property can be allowed to be modified.

Table 1: Resources types and description

Type Description
GET Get the value attribute of the resource.
SET Sets a given new value as the data value of the resource.
ACT Invokes the resource (method execution) with a set of defined parameters.
SUBSCRIBE Subscribes to the resource with optional condition and periodicity.
UNSUBSCRIBE Remove an existing subscription.

Table 2: Resource's access method

The access methods that can be associated to a resource depend on the resource type, for example, a GET method can only be associated to resources of type Property, StateVariable and SensorData. A SET method can only be associated to StateVariable and modifiable Property resources. An ACT method can only be associated to an Action resources. SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE methods can be associated to any resources.

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