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Security Token Service Common Dependencies

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Library Home Page (URL) URL(s) to JAR/library Used for Version License (URL)
Apache AXIOM axiom-api-1.2.2.jar,
stax-api-1.0.1 .jar
Apache AXIOM is a StAX-based, XML Infoset compliant object model which supports on-demand building of the object tree. 1.2.2 Approved: CQ1449 Apache License, Version 2.0
Apache Commons Logging commons-logging-1.1.jar The Logging package is an ultra-thin bridge between different logging implementations. 1.1 Apache License, Version 2.0
Apache XML Security serializer.jar The XML Security project is aimed at providing implementation of security standards for XML. 1.3.0 (moving to 1.4.0) Apache License, Version 2.0



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