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This page shows what you need to know about the new Eclipse Scout 4.0 release shipped with Eclipse Luna.


M1 (Friday, August 23, 2013)

Scout is using GIT flow

bug 411769

Scout is now using GIT flow with 4.0 as described here. We also try to make contributions more efficient and update our documentation for committers

New french translations for ScoutTexts

bug 414392 - New translations were added for the French language (ScoutTexts entries for fr and fr_BE).

There is one minor correction for the fr_BE language. Additionally 14 translations were added to the French language (missing until now). These translations will be used in all Scout applications deployed in French, unless the text entry is overridden in the project.

Tree Box with support for auto check of child nodes

bug 368107

A a new configuration method for the treebox was introduced to automatically check/uncheck all child nodes when the parent node is checked / unchecked: AbstractTreeBox now provides getConfiguredAutoCheckChildNodes.


Scout SDK: Tooling Functionality for F2

bug 409468

F2 is a simple update manager for Eclipse or Java based applications that can be downloaded from the eclipse marketplace. Scout SDK provides a new technology checkbox to help integrating F2 into your Scout application. A tutorial is provided here.


Scout SDK: Eclipse 3.6 not supported anymore

Scout SDK does not run with Eclipse 3.6 anymore. Scout Runtime is still compatible to eclipse 3.6. Please upgrade your eclipse IDE! See here for supported eclipse versions.

M2 (Friday, October 04)

Swing: Custom XML for Rayo Look and Feel

bug 417579 and bug 408611: There is an addition in the Scout RT Swing API allowing to provide a custom configuration for Look and Feels. This new extension point is used by Rayo: it is now possible to exchange the XML (e.g. to use different colors). See Use a custom XML with the Rayo Look and Feel.

Enhancement of SWT Look and Feel Extension Point

bug 407261 The Look and Feel extension point for SWT now has a new property for setting the background color of disabled fields (color.background.disabled). Setting the foreground color of disabled fields (color.forground.disabled) has already been available.


SDK: Test Suite and CBI

bug 397542 We have added the possibility to run the SDK Test suite from our maven Build. Because these tests require an UI Layer, they are not activated by default (analog to our UiTests in the RT). To activate them, run the build with the profile include-sdktest.

 mvn clean install -Pinclude-sdktest

Minor API Enhancements

With bug 416848 and bug 416862 we introduce some minor API changes to make ServiceTunnelServlet and Scheduler more extensible.

M3 (Friday, November 15)

Service Tunnel Plugin

Scout service tunnel classes.

With bug bug 405353, we have introduced a new plugin: org.eclipse.scout.rt.servicetunnel to allow server-server communication in the same way as the existing client-server communication.

This new plugin contains now the classes handling the service tunnel (client-server communication) that were previously contained in the org.eclipse.scout.rt.client plugin. The service tunnel classes are now completly independent from the scout client and can therefore be reused for server-server communication.

As a result the client plugin has a new dependency on the new servicetunnel plugin. If you work with plugin based product file (every project created by the Scout SDK does) you will have to add the new plugin as new dependency in your client product files. The migration notes in bugzilla contained additional information that will help you to fix the depreciation warnings.

In the client plugin you should now consider I obj.pngIClientServiceTunnel and C obj.pngClientServiceTunnel when you want to extend the service tunnel mechanism.

In the service tunnel plugin, the architecture has also evolved: HttpBackgroundJob does not exist anymore. Instead there are C obj.pngHttpBackgroundExecutable (runnable which is executed by a Job) and C obj.pngHttpBackgroundExecutor (composite which holds a Job and an HttpBackgroundExecutable together). In the service tunnel plugin, you will also find the abstract classes you can extend for you own use case (for example C obj.pngAbstractHttpServiceTunnel<T extends ISession> can be used as parent class for a ServerHttpServiceTunnel).

TablePageData Dto

bug 412752 introduced a new type of transfert object for TablePage: the TablePageData objects. Similar to FormData it contains the content of the page that comes from the server to the client. Like for the FormData the PageData is linked with the A obj.pngPageData annotation:

public class PersonTablePage extends AbstractPageWithTable<Table> {
  //... content of the page

bug 418997: the SDK was modified to take care of this modification. When a new Table page is generated, the SDK can also generate the corresponding TablePageData.

bug 419138: in the client plugin-in, in the LoadData event (new event that replace LoadTableData) it is possible to import the pageData:

protected void execLoadData(SearchFilter filter) throws ProcessingException {
  PersonSearchFormData formData = (PersonSearchFormData) filter.getFormData();
  if (formData == null) {
    formData = new PersonSearchFormData();
  PersonTablePageData pageData = SERVICES.getService(IStandardOutlineService.class).getPersonTableData(formData);

bug 419140: the SQL Support of Scout also offer support to select into TablePage data. For example:

SQL.selectInto("SELECT person_nr, last_name, first_name FROM person INTO :{personNr}, :{lastName}, :{firstName}", pageData);

For your table field, if you decide to switch your TableData from array based table data to bean based table data, the SQL support provides you the same possibilites (holder, input bind, output bind, filter...).

Please note that it is not possible to use input and output bindings which use the same field names (e.g. input bind SearchForm :lastName and output bind TablePageData :{lastName}) as discussed in the forum. As a workaround please provide a name for the output bindings:

  + "SELECT person_nr, last_name, first_name FROM person "
  + "WHERE last_name like :lastName "
  + "INTO :{out.personNr}, :{out.lastName}, :{out.firstName}",
  new NVPair("out", pageData));

ClientNotification - SingleUserFilter

With bug 408551, the default value of SingleUserFilter's isMulticast was changed from false to true.

Menu Mnemonics for SWT

With bug 419831, mnemonics for menus are working with SWT. When declaring a menu with an ampersand (e.g. "&File") the "F" character gets underlined. When pressing "alt+F", the menu will be selected.

Upgrade to org.apache.batik 1.7 in Scout RT Feature

With bug 421217 scout upgrades org.apache.batik from 1.6 to 1.7. This is because batik was upgraded in the platform (see [[1]]. The dependencies in the scout plugins remain the same (still compatible with batik 1.6), however the default installed version when creating a new project is batik 1.7.

M4 (Friday, December 20)

Removal of Legacy Functionality

  • With bug 421586 Deprecated Code for 4.0 will be removed
  • With bug 422055 The Legacy Text Fragment is removed
  • With bug 403310 Scout Client Testing Framework will be removed (To be replaced with junit based integration tests)
  • With bug 422052 Legacy SQL Support in Scout Client will be removed in the next Scout release

Generics in ICodeType, ICode, ILookupRow, ILookupService, ICodeRow

With bug 420491 several JRE 1.3 relevant code will be replaced with JRE 1.6+ implementations.

ICodeType, ICode, ILookupRow, ILookupService, ICodeRow and all its implementations become generic. Several (return-) parameters will be changed from array to typed lists. SmartFields allowing custom text become its own field ‘ProposalField’. Sot the ‘allowCustomText’ member will be removed from ISmartField. The lookupCall and codeType members on IContentAssistField (common super class of ISmartField and IProposalField) will be typed. Furthermore the AbstractListBox does no longer support null values as keys.

Multiline Support for RadioButton and CheckBox

With bug 419011 and bug 419015 RadioButton and CheckBox now support multiline labels.

Try it via

public class MultilineCheckboxField extends AbstractCheckBox {
 protected String getConfiguredLabel() {
  return "This is a \n multiline \n checkbox";
  protected int getConfiguredGridH() {
   return 2;

Number Fields and Columns

With bug 422120, bug 422160, bug 422163, bug 423163 issues with number fields and columns were solved. In addition to the reported problems with integer number fields, similar issues were fixed for the decimal number fields. Further problems with these number fields were fixed and the API for number fields and columns was consolidated.

Consider these changes for migration:

Consistent Rounding

  • There is a new property roundingMode for all number fields and columns which is used for formatting and parsing. When set to ROUND_UNNECESSARY the parsing of GUI-text-input accepts only values that can be assigned without rounding to the field's generic type and respect the maxFractionDigits property for decimal number fields. (Old parsing behavior was: truncating for AbstractIntegerField and AbstractLongField; rounding for decimal number fields; exception for AbstractBigIntegerField for fraction digits.) Default is ROUND_UNNECESSARY for integer number fields and columns and ROUND_HALF_UP for decimal number fields and columns. (Before the rounding behavior for decimal fields and columns was ROUND_HALF_EVEN.)

Consistent API

  • IDecimalField now extends INumberField. The UI Interfaces ISwingScoutDecimalField, ISWTScoutDecimalField and IRwtScoutDecimalField together with their implementations were removed.
  • IDecimalColumn now extends INumberColumn.
  • AbstractDecimalField is now a Subclass of AbstractNumberField, hence all changes mentioned below for AbstractNumberField apply as well for AbstractDecimalField.
  • AbstractDecimalColumn is now a Subclass of AbstractNumberColumn, hence all changes mentioned below for AbstractNumberColumn apply as well for AbstractDecimalColumn.
  • INumberField.setFormat(DecimalFormat): parameter's type changed from String to DecimalFormat
  • INumberField.getFormat(): return type changed from String to DecimalFormat
  • AbstractNumberField.getConfiguredFormat() is deprecated, for setting the format override initConfig() and call setFormat(DecimalFormat)
  • AbstractNumberField.createNumberFormat() is deprecated, use getFormat() instead
  • AbstractDoubleField.getConfiguredMinimumValue() is deprecated, use getConfiguredMinValue() instead
  • AbstractDoubleField.getConfiguredMaximumValue() is deprecated, use getConfiguredMaxValue() instead
  • AbstractIntegerField.getConfiguredMinimumValue() is deprecated, use getConfiguredMinValue() instead
  • AbstractIntegerField.getConfiguredMaximumValue() is deprecated, use getConfiguredMaxValue() instead
  • AbstractLongField.getConfiguredMinimumValue() is deprecated, use getConfiguredMinValue() instead
  • AbstractLongField.getConfiguredMaximumValue() is deprecated, use getConfiguredMaxValue() instead
  • Return value of AbstractBigDecimalField.getConfiguredMinValue() changed from Double to BigDecimal (For overrides it is recommended to use BigDecimal's String-constructor.)
  • Return value of AbstractBigDecimalField.getConfiguredMaxValue() changed from Double to BigDecimal (For overrides it is recommended to use BigDecimal's String constructor.)
  • Return value of AbstractBigIntegerField.getConfiguredMinValue() changed from Long to BigInteger (For overrides it is recommended to use BigInteger's String constructor.)
  • Return value of AbstractBigIntegerField.getConfiguredMaxValue() changed from Long to BigInteger (For overrides it is recommended to use BigInteger's String constructor.)
  • INumberColumn.setNumberFormat(NumberFormat) is deprecated, use setFormat(DecimalFormat) instead
  • INumberColumn.setFormat(DecimalFormat): parameter's type changed from String to DecimalFormat
  • INumberColumn.getFormat(): return type changed from String to DecimalFormat
  • AbstractNumberColumn.getConfiguredFormat() is deprecated, for setting the format override initConfig() and call setFormat(DecimalFormat)

Consistent semantics for format setters

  • New: Number fields and columns hold an internal DecimalFormat instance. All convenience setters and getters for DecimalFormat's properties (e.g. setGroupingUsed(boolean), isGroupingUsed() delegate to the internal instance. (Old behavior for the columns was: If a format was set, this would have priority over the convenience properties.)

Character limit in UI

  • The fix character limit (60 chars swing, 32 chars SWT and RAP) for all number fields was replaced by a default for AbstractNumberField.getConfiguredMaxValue() and AbstractNumberField.getConfiguredMinValue(). These defaults are set to the limits of the generic type where such a limit exists and +-999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 for AbstractBigIntegerField and AbstractBigDecimalField.

Diagnostic Servlet

With bug 423598 Eclipse Scout has now a diagnostic servlet. This creates an html page with diagnostic information like JVM Memory allocation and cpu architecture. Its also possible to add diagnostic information from any class entity. If an Entity want to provide diagnostic status info it has to implement org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.admin.diagnostic.IDiagnostic and has to register itself at the DiagnosticFactory:

org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.admin.diagnostic.DiagnosticFactory.addDiagnosticStatusProvider() org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.admin.diagnostic.DiagnosticFactory.removeDiagnosticStatusProvider()

Here a preview how it looks like: Eclipse Scout-LunaM4-Diagnostics.png

M5 (Friday, January 31, 2014)

SDK: Support for more Property Types

bug 422163

The Object Property View provides support for more property types that exist in the Scout Runtime:

  • Drag & Drop Types
  • Composer Attribute Types
  • Rounding Mode for NumberFields
  • Min- & Max-Values for BigDecimal- and BigInteger-Fields

SDK: Product Launchers improved

bug 414535

The Scout SDK now finds all .product files in the workspace which gives you more flexibility on how to organize your projects. You can therefore configure each product file as a product launcher. Furthermore links to the web pages are provided for RAP and Server products (when the products are running).


SDK: Create Elements without Scout Explorer

For some Elements it is no longer required to switch to the Scout Explorer and then drill down to the correct nodes. You can create them directly by using a key stroke:

  • By typing Ctrl+Space within a CodeType you can directly create a new nested Code.
  • By typing Ctrl+Space in an NLS context you can create new translations.
  • Typing Ctrl+N and then searching for "Scout" provides access to the wizard for creating CodeTypes, LookupCalls, Pages, Forms, SearchForms and Services.

ScoutNlsNewEntry.png ScoutNewWizards.png

SDK: Choose ServerSessions for Services

bug 421985

When creating Services it is possible to choose which ServerSession that should be used in the registration of the service.


Unique Id (classId) for Scout Model

bug 422960bug 433306

A unique id for form fields, forms and other components is needed for test tools, registries, documentation, etc. With this change a standardized way for obtaining this id is introduced. The existing fieldId on IFormField is not sufficient, because it is not always unique, e.g. multiple abstract group boxes containing the fields with the same names may exist.

A new interface IObjectWithClassId was introduced for this new id:

public interface IObjectWithClassId{
  String classId();

For the static case a new annotation @ClassId is used to set the id at design time: (e.g. @ClassId(„550e8400-e29b-11d4-a716-446655440000“)). There is SDK support available to create the @ClassId with a generated id.

For FormFields the classid complies to the following rules: - Fields that are replacing other fields (@Replace annotation) get the id of the original field - FormFields, Columns: When using templates the enclosing field list needs to be considered such that the id is unique. - For inner forms, the outer form field needs to be considered.

Using Id in test tools

To enable ids on widget in Swing or SWT, update the config.ini properties.


If a custom key is needed you can override AbstractSwtEnvironment.assignWidgetId(ITypeWithClassId, Widget).

See also [2].

SDK: Support for @ClassId Annotation

bug 422960

For classes that implement the new ITypeWithClassId interface a @ClassId annotation can be added. This can be done for a specific class only by using the Quick Assist (Ctrl+1) or for an entire bundle by using the corresponding context menu on a Client-, Shared- or Server node in the Scout Explorer.

There also exists an option (Window->Preferences->Scout) to automatically create this annotation when an element is created with the Scout SDK.

We also added a validation check that searches for duplicate @ClassId values within a Scout project and marks them as errors.

M6 (Friday, March 14)

Application title as tray icon tooltip

bug 426014

Scout clients with SWT and Swing frontends will now display the application title as tray icon tooltip. The tooltip is updated dynamically whenever the application title changes via IDesktop.setTitle(String).

Tray icon tooltip.png

Swing: render AbstractLabelField not as JLabel

bug 423148

The AbstractLabelField can now be configured as selectable or non-selectable. Before this change, the AbstractLabel was not selectable in the Swing UI. Thus, a new property was introduced:

  protected boolean getConfiguredSelectable() {
    return true;

By default, the AbstractLabel is selectable.

Abstractlabel selectable.png

Note, the web UI currently does not support the selectable feature, an AbstractLabelField in RAP is always non-selectable.

Moreover, the AbstractLabel field not correctly supports wrap text via

 protected boolean getConfiguredWrapText() {
  return true;

SWT: menu/action clean up

bug 413524

  • Change your DesktopMenuBar to:
    public class DesktopMenuBar extends CompoundContributionItem {
      protected IContributionItem[] getContributionItems() {
        ISwtEnvironment env = Activator.getDefault().getEnvironment();
        if (env != null && env.isInitialized()) {
          if (env.getClientSession() != null && env.getClientSession().getDesktop() != null) {
            List<IMenu> menus = env.getClientSession().getDesktop().getMenus();
            List<IMenu> consolidatedMenus = MenuUtility.consolidateMenus(menus);
            List<IContributionItem> swtContributionItems = new ArrayList<IContributionItem>();
            for (IMenu menu : consolidatedMenus) {
              swtContributionItems.add(new SwtScoutMenuContributionItem(menu, env));
            return swtContributionItems.toArray(new IContributionItem[swtContributionItems.size()]);
        return new IContributionItem[0];
      public boolean isDirty() {
        boolean isDirty = super.isDirty();
        if (!isDirty && getParent() instanceof IMenuManager) {
          isDirty = ((IMenuManager) getParent()).isDirty();
        return isDirty;
  • SwtScoutAction is replaced with org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swt.action.SwtScoutToolbarAction or org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swt.action.SwtScoutActionContributionItem depending on the usage.

GroupBox Layout

bug 428899

As discussed in this forum thread, it is now possible to use an horizontal field layout on GroupBox.

This is implemented with a new property BodyGrid. The default layout is vertical (enhanced implementation of the previous layout strategy):

  protected Class<? extends IGroupBoxBodyGrid> getConfiguredBodyGrid() {
    return VerticalSmartGroupBoxBodyGrid.class;

Scout Vertical GroupBox Grid.png

The new horizontal layout can be set like this:

  protected Class<? extends IGroupBoxBodyGrid> getConfiguredBodyGrid() {
    return HorizontalGroupBoxBodyGrid.class;

Scout Horizontal GroupBox Grid.png

Additionally a new Spy function was introduced: the layout debugger.

Scout Layout debugger.jpg

Toolbuttons in Form (SWT)

bug 422646

Scout forms now support toolbuttons. The toolbuttons can be rendered on the form header (default):

Scout Form Toolbar FormHeader.png

or as view part buttons (Swt only):

Scout Form Toolbar ViewPart.png

The toolbuttons are added as inner-class of the form (The inner-class needs to implement I obj.pngIToolButton or to extend C obj.pngAbstractToolButton ). Example:

@FormData(value = MyFormData.class, sdkCommand = FormData.SdkCommand.CREATE)
public class MyForm extends AbstractForm {
  //... other form content ...
  public class BookmarkToolButton extends AbstractToolButton {
    protected String getConfiguredIconId() {
      return Icons.Bookmark;
    protected String getConfiguredTooltipText() {
      return TEXTS.get("AddToBookmark");
    protected void execAction() throws ProcessingException {
      //mark bookmark action

The position of the toolbar is controlled with the property ToobarLocation on Form.

Derby bundle & package name change

bug 429542 The following bundles were renamed:

  • org.eclipse.scout.rt.jdbc.derby -> org.eclipse.scout.rt.jdbc.derby10
  • org.w3c.dom.svg.fragment -> org.eclipse.scout. org.w3c.dom.svg.fragment


bug 429297

The bundle org.eclipse.scout.http.servletfilter does not exist anymore. Use org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons instead. Change this in your *.product and MANIFEST.MF files.

The extention point org.eclipse.scout.http.servletfilter.filters was renamed to org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons.filters you need to change this in your plugin.xml file.

The packages names has also changed:

  •* to*
  • org.eclipse.scout.http.servletfilter.helper.* to org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons.servletfilter.helper.*

You need to update this in your plugin.xml and in your config.ini files.

For example your plugin.xml will look like this:

            aliases="/process /remotefiles /updatesite"
            aliases="/process /remotefiles /updatesite"

M7 (Friday, May 09)

Multiple Columns in the SmartField proposal form

bug 423801 It now possible to define multiple columns in the proposal table of a SmartField; this allows distinguishing between similar rows, when one text column is not enough.

Scout MultiColumnSmartField.png

See the SmartField page for more detail.

BigInteger Column

bug 424019

BigInteger support for columns was added with AbstractBigIntegerColumn.

More reliable client notifications

bug 422070

Some of our customers had the problem that responses were lost under heavy load. Lost responses of service calls do not seem to be such a big problem. Lost client notifications, however are more critical. Therefore we implemented a mechanism to only stop resending the notifications when processing by the client is acknowledged.

The client keeps track of the already received notifications until they expire to prevent duplicate handling of the notifications.

Date default in DateTime Field

bug 433200

When the time is selected in the DateTime field prior to selecting a date, you may now set a default date other than the current date. If no default date is specified, the current date is used as in previous versions.

RAP Drag & Drop support from Desktop

bug 432904

Drag & Drop support has been added to RAP 2.3 M2. This new functionality has also been integrated into the web frontend of Scout. All fields (StringField, TableField, TreeField, ImageField) having drag & drop support inside the application do also support drag & drop from the desktop.

Notice: Drag & Drop from desktop does only work if the Scout Filechooser bundle is installed.

Example: Configure your table with

protected int getConfiguredDropType() {

After dropping a files or even multiple files from the desktop, the files can be handled in the Scout model as FileListTransferObject:

protected void execDrop(ITableRow row, TransferObject t) throws ProcessingException {
  if (!(t instanceof FileListTransferObject)) {
  FileListTransferObject fileListTransferObject = (FileListTransferObject) t;
  for (File file : fileListTransferObject.getFiles()) {
    // handle your dropped files

Choose one or several files and drop them into the table Drop several files.png

After the dropped files have been handled:

Dropped files handled.png

Add service cache for much better performance

bug 422441

Set the config.ini property org.eclipse.scout.service.cache.enabled=true in order to use it. The switch is false by default, but will be true in a future release. Call SERVICES.clearCache() to clear the cache at runtime.

Add Scout Job caching context finder for much better performance

bug 423933

Added caching to scout context finder as well as more efficient reference class loading. Add the property


to the config.ini of the server product to use the classloader provided by the SerializationUtility in server jobs. If you enable the property, you must make sure, that all classes only exist once in the classpath.

Cloud: synchronization of caches

bug 421614

New cache services

In a cloud environment cached data such as the scout server session has to be synchronized. New interface have been introduced to cache server side data.

org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons.cache.IHttpSessionCacheService used to cache data dependent on http session
org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons.cache.IGlobalServerCacheService used to cache data per server node

Default implementations for sticky sessions, synchroized sessions (have to be serialized) or custom cache services are available. By default, server side data is stored as before (on the http session).

org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons.cache.StickySessionCacheService assumes that each request is handled by the same server node (default, as before)
org.eclipse.scout.rt.server.commons.cache.SerializedCacheService can be used when serialization is done by the servlet container

Alternative caches provided on eclipse marketplace. Howto use the services is described in the cloud tutorial

Multisession Cookiestore

When using RAP and a Loadbalancer with sticky sessions the a multisession cookiestore can be enabled, such for each client session a separate cookiestore is used. Use the config.ini of rap and server product:

org.eclipse.scout.rt.multiClientSessionCookieStoreEnabled = true

Cloud: synchronization of notifications

bug 421615

New synchronization mechanism of client notifications, permissions, etc. between scout server nodes for cloud or cluster support. Popular message queue implemenations are provided on the eclipse marketplace. Howto use the services is described in the cloud tutorial

Client Notifications are now only submitted on commit.

Migration: If you extened ClientNotificationService, please consider that putNotification only puts notifications in the queue on successful commit.

Tree: Enhance drag and drop behavior with callback.

bug 416818 With this change request, a new method was introduced on the AbstractTree. It is now possible to get informed about the current position of a dragged node (e.g. on which node the dragged node is currently over)

   * This method gets called when the drop node is changed, e.g. the dragged object
   * is moved over a new drop target.
   * @since 4.0-M7
  protected void execDropTargetChanged(ITreeNode node) throws ProcessingException {

If you want to try the new feature, check out our Widget Demo App where a new form "Tree Drag&Drop" was added. Tree drag and drop.png

Project Creation in Scout SDK: Target Selection

When creating a new Scout project a corresponding target definition file is created as well. While creating the new project the supported runtime target platforms can be selected: 3.7 (Indigo), 3.8 (Juno) or 4.4 (Luna).

RC1 (Friday, May 23)

Menu Refactoring

New UI technologies require to display the menus as buttons. Visibility and enable state of Scout menus were calculated before displaying a menu (execPrepareAction). This works for context menus displayed on demand not for a button representation of a menu. So the requirement came up to change the implementation to have always a valid enable and visible state. The major change to get there is every menu is listening to property changes of fields it is interested in.

The AbstractMenu API is changing with Luna.

Deprecations (will be removed with Mars release):

  • execPrepareAction is called before a menu gets showed. Will be removed and should be replaced with property listeners or execOwnerValueChanged.
  • getConfiguredEmptySpaceAction() (default was false)
  • getConfiguredSingleSelectionAction() (default was true)
  • getConfiguredMultiSelectionAction() (default was false)

New methods (Version > 4.0)

  • execOwnerValueChanged(Object value) This method is called whenever the menu owner field's value changes. It is basically a property listener of the value property on the owner field. This method is usually used to change enable/visible state, label, icon, ... The object passed as an argument is the owners new value in case of a TableField the list of the selected rows in case of a TreeField the set of the selected nodes. Unfortunately this argument can not be typed since we do not want to add a generic of the owner value on every menu. In most cases, this should not matter, and the argument can be ignored. In Tables, for example, you may safely call the table's getSelectedRows() method to define your condition, as changing the row selection is considered as a change in the "owner value".

Here is the correspondence between old and new API for menus in tables:

Old API (Version < 4.0) New API (Version > 4.0)
protected boolean getConfiguredEmptySpaceAction() {
  return true;
protected boolean getConfiguredSingleSelectionAction() {
  return false;
protected Set<? extends IMenuType> getConfiguredMenuTypes() {
  return CollectionUtility.<IMenuType> hashSet(TableMenuType.EmptySpace);
protected boolean getConfiguredMultiSelectionAction() {
  return true;
protected Set<? extends IMenuType> getConfiguredMenuTypes() {
  return CollectionUtility.<IMenuType> hashSet(TableMenuType.MultiSelection, TableMenuType.SingleSelection);
protected void execPrepareAction() throws ProcessingException {
  setEnabled(getSelectedRowCount() == 2);
protected void execOwnerValueChanged(Object newOwnerValue) throws ProcessingException {
  setEnabled(getSelectedRowCount() == 2);

Here is the correspondence between old and new API for menus in fields (like SmartField):

Old API (Version < 4.0) New API (Version > 4.0)
protected boolean getConfiguredEmptySpaceAction() {
  return true;
protected boolean getConfiguredSingleSelectionAction() {
  return false;
protected Set<? extends IMenuType> getConfiguredMenuTypes() {
  return CollectionUtility.<IMenuType> hashSet(ValueFieldMenuType.Null);

With bug 411266 an additional change was made: If you used execPrepareAction<code> in a menu, you need to use <code>execAboutToShow instead.

  • execPrepareAction was defined at Action level.
  • execAboutToShow is defined at Menu level (a subtype of Action).

The JavaDoc of execAboutToShow warns not to use it to control visibility or alter menu structure. The preferred methods to determine visibility of the menus is overriding the new execOwnerValueChanged method.

RC2 (Friday, May 30)

RC3 (Friday, June 06)

Add classloading resource url caching for much better performance and resource filtering

bug 423933

Added caching of resource URLs to scout bundleList classloader. Add the property


to the config.ini of the products to use the caching of resource URLs in the classloader provided by the SerializationUtility. If you enable the property, it breaks the osgi way of deinstalling/updating bundles as it wouldn't find new resources of the same name already in the cache. If you wan't to be able to use this osgi feature please do not enable this feature.

Added filtering of resource URLs to scout bundleList classloader. Add the property


to the config.ini of the products to use the filtering of resource URLs in the classloader provided by the SerializationUtility. The methods getResource(s) from BundleListClassLoader return resources from every bundle from the product plus from the general classpath. There are cases (library bundles with multiple jars) which this behavior has to be changed. With this property resources will be filtered the following way:

  • if a resource is found in a bundle which matches the prefix list just this or these resources URLs will be returned.
  • if no resource is found in a bundle which matches the prefix list the list will be returned unfiltered.

RC4 (Friday, June 13)

Bugfixes and Change Request Overview

The following list shows all Bugzilla Tickets which have been fixed for this release. The list also contains all new enhancements.

Migration Guidelines

Some features and bugfixes sometimes require a change of the API. If this has been the case for the new release then you'll find behind the link below a guideline how to migrate your Scout application to the newest release. The link below lists all implemented enhancements and bugs that require specific upgrade actions for your application based on Scout 3.9. The migration actions to Scout 4.0 are described in the corresponding bugs directly.

Scout 3.9 to 4.0 Migration Tickets

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