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Scout Related Migrations

The tables below lists all implemented tickets that require specific upgrade actions for applications based on Scout 3.7 to migrate to Scout 3.8. The complete list of bugs containing elements that are relevant for a migration can be found here. This list is (or should be) consistent with the explicit listing of the bugs below.

Scout 3.8.0

Fixed Bugzilla Subject Component
2011-10-25 361816 Replace current NLS support with Text Provider Services (News, release notes) Client, Shared, Server
2011-10-26 361795 Decorater in columns (AbstractDateColumn, AbstractLongColumn, ...) (release notes) Client, Shared, Server, Commons, Swing
2011-11-28 364019 AbstractTable Add possibility to prevent Ctrl+C (release notes) SWT, Swing
2012-01-26 369115 Locale on client-side (release notes) Client
2012-04-10 361985 ITable: more flexibility to discard deleted rows in tables (release notes) Client
2011-11-11 345184 SwingScoutRootFrame should adhere Java LAF (release notes) Swing
2012-03-23 372222 LayoutManager do not take care of screen bounds when recalculating size of a form (release notes) Swing
2011-12-21 367275 [SWT][LookAndFeelDecorations]Remove obsolete flag enabledAsReadOnly (release notes) SWT
350389 Improve Scout RT testing support (release notes, release notes shared) Testing

Scout 3.8.1

To migrate existing projects from Scout 3.8.0 to 3.8.1 the migration steps described in the following bugs need to be implemented.

Fixed Bugzilla Subject Component
2012-06-04 378826 SWT: Disposing display can cause Deadlock while all waiting jobs are processed. SWT, Swing, Rap, Busy Handler
2012-06-13 382519 [RAP] extract theme to a separate plugin Rap, Theme
2012-06-18 382867 Rap: Setting a custom table status variant should be easier Rap, Theme
2012-09-06 387869 Missing dependency for org.w3c.dom.css in SWT default product SWT, e4
2012-09-06 388781 scout.laf.useLafFrameAndDialog should be added to config.ini template for Rayo Swing, Rayo

Scout 3.8.2

To migrate existing projects from Scout 3.8.1 to 3.8.2 the migration steps described in the following bugs need to be implemented.

Fixed Bugzilla Subject Component
2012-10-26 392425 AbstractDoubleColumn does not support specific double format Client, IDoubleColumn, IBigDecimalColumn

Eclipse Related Migrations affecting Scout Projects

Juno (3.8,4.2)

Since Eclipse itself changes from version to version too, this chapter shows the upgrade actions for Scout projects based on Eclipse Indigo to migrate to Eclipse Juno.

Eclipse 3.8/4.2 vs. Scout 3.8
If you only upgrade Scout but don't upgrade Eclipse itself you do NOT have to do the following upgrade actions. They are only necessary if you would like to use Eclipse Juno.


Jetty Plugins been changed (see also Incompatibilities News). Therefore the plugin.xml of the server plugin needs to be updated:

Remove the plugins:

     <plugin id="org.mortbay.jetty.server"/>
     <plugin id="org.mortbay.jetty.util"/>

Add the plugins:

     <plugin id="org.eclipse.jetty.continuation"/>
     <plugin id="org.eclipse.jetty.http"/>
     <plugin id=""/>
     <plugin id=""/>
     <plugin id="org.eclipse.jetty.server"/>
     <plugin id="org.eclipse.jetty.servlet"/>
     <plugin id="org.eclipse.jetty.util"/>

Release Notes

All migrations are also described in in the release notes:

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