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Scout/HowTo/3.9/Storing window size and position and view configuration in SWT

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The Swing client already stores the window size and position as well as the relative size of the various views when closing the client and restores these settings when next starting it.. This how-to describes how to add this functionality to SWT clients.


In order to do this with SWT the following method needs to be changed in org.eclipse.minicrm.ui.swt.application.ApplicationWorkbenchAdvisor

public void initialize(IWorkbenchConfigurer configurer) {

This has the added benefit that it also stores which form is shown in which view.


If you have added a Toolbar to your SWT client as described in the how-to Changing_outlines_with_the_SWT_client: 4. Adding_a_toolbar_to_the_SWT_application, enabling the SaveAndRestore feature will break the toolbar. It is not yet clear if this is a problem with the toolbar implementation as described in the linked how-to, or if it is a bug in either Scout or Eclipse.

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