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Scout/HowTo/3.9/Double click a table row to show a form

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This how-to describes how to add a double click action to a table row.

Using a default menu

  1. Navigate to the table with the Scout SDK
  2. Open the Default Menu dropdown at the Scout Object Properties and select the menu you'd like to have executed on a double click.

This is the recommended and easiest way to execute a menu action on a double click or enter key press. If you don't have a menu but would like to execute code on a double click, you may use the operation execRowAction instead, as described below.

Using execRowAction

  1. Navigate to the table with the Scout SDK
  2. In the Scout Object Properties under Operations add the following method execRowAction()
  3. Click on the newly added method to show the source code
  4. Implement your code
  protected void execRowAction(ITableRow row) throws ProcessingException {
    //Do whatever you want

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