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Scout/HowTo/3.8/Branding the About dialog

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This how-to describes how to brand the About dialog that is shown when menu ? --> Info is selecetd.

Replacing the icon

The standard Info screen provided by the Scout framework is implemented in org.eclipse.scout.rt.client.ui.form.ScoutInfoForm.

If you just want to replace the icon being shown on the form (its filename is defined in AbstractIcons.ApplicationLogo) you will need to have a working icon locator for the client (see how-to Add_an_icon: 5. Providing_an_IconProviderService) and provide a file with the base name application_logo_large in the client's resources\icons directory.

The file type and extension can be PNG, BMP or JPG (so the file would be org.eclipse.minicrm.client\resources\icons\application_logo_large.png).

Customizing the contents

If you want to modify the content or details of the info screen, you will need to extend the ScoutInfoForm class and override the createHtmlBody() and createHtmlPropertyTableContent() methods as needed.

Should you want to show more than one image file, you also need to overwrite the createHtmlAttachments() method as described in the how-to: Display_HTML_content.

Finally, you will need to modify your client's Desktop class by changing the execAction() method of its AboutMenu:

public void execAction() throws ProcessingException {
  ExtendedScoutInfoForm form = new ExtendedScoutInfoForm();

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