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SchemaOrg vocabulary


This page describes what classes and attributes are used from the RDF/OWL representation of the vocabulary.

STATUS: Work in progress.


UML Overview


  • Additions to the official RDFS representation of are shown in blue
  • Classes shown in red will be expanded below







Person Attributes

Not Used

  • additionalName - use card:additional-name in v:Name
  • address - use v:adr
  • affiliation Organization (multiple) - use v:org (singular per context)
  • birthdate - use v
  • contact points - use(v:tel, foaf:mbox, v:Fax)
  • email - use vcard:email
  • familyName - use v:family-name in v:Name
  • faxNumber - use v:Fax
  • gender - use foaf:gender
  • givenName - use v:given-name in v:Name
  • homeLocation : Place or ContactPoint - use p:Person role=p:Home
  • honorificPrefix : use v:honorific-prefix in v:Name
  • honorificSuffix : use v:honorific-suffix in v:Name
  • interactionCount - ?????
  • jobTitle : use os:jobTitle in Organization
  • knows : use foaf:knows
  • telephone : use v:tel


We don't use this class or any of its attributes. We use vcard:Address instead. E.g. instead of schema:postalCode we use vcard:postalCode. schema:postOfficeBoxNumber is interesting; we might use that in the future.

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