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This page, when done, will be added to the left hand menu as a new menu item "Scenarios". Each of the scenarios linked from this page will adhere to the Scenarios Page Template. See also Higgins home page project plan. The concept is to show the relevance of the "big picture" of Higgins (i.e. the identity bus level of abstraction) and how it relates to real-world issues like SSO, etc.

Page Content

The entire page content is just N big i-card shaped buttons (drawn by an illustrator). No boring text, etc. Just get folks off of this page to one of the scenarios. I think that for new visitors this content will, after the "teaser" home page be the most important content. As such it should probably be linked from the home page. In fact, perhaps the home page should repeat the N card-shaped buttons too (perhaps smaller).

  1. Single sign-on
  2. 3rd Party Trust
  3. Data Portability
  4. Relationship Cards
  5. VRM
  6. Semantic Web (linked data, RDF)
  7. Enterprise Directory (uses LDAP directory)
  8. = N+1

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