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SWTBot Improvements

SWTBot Improvements

This page describes the work done on the improvement of SWTBot.

SWTBot project page

SoW for improvements

The goal of this SoW was to call for a proposal of implementation to improve:

  • the SWTBot recorder which generated Java code from a set of actions done in an SWT UI
  • the management of native dialogs by SWTBot: as SWT uses the native system for some dialogs (file selection, etc.) it is not possible to write efficient tests that involve those kinds of dialogs.

The bug created for this SoW is available on Polarsys' bugzilla. The SoW which has been sent to Polarsys members can be downloaded from this Wiki.

Obeo's proposals and results

Following the selection of the Obeo company to the above SoW, they have published the following results.

Native dialogs

Their proposal can be downloaded here.

A sample implementation can be found on Gerrit for SWT changes and SWTBot API

A discussion about the proposed implementation can also be found on Eclipse's bugzilla

Recorder generator

Their proposal can be downloaded here.

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