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This page is intended to document the development of SWT itself. E.g compiling native bindings etc.

SWT Platforms

SWT Development varies a lot depending on which platform you're developing on. Please see the individual sections.

SWT on GTK development

Please see GTK development.

SWT on Win32 development

 ... to be added some day.

SWT on Cocoa development

 ... to be added some day.


For workflow suggestions/simplification, please see the SWT workflow page.

SWT Triage Process

SWT Eclipse configuration

SWT git commit message

General Advice

Read Function Documentation

Always read documentation of every function that you are adding to the code base (esp. Gtk functions).

This includes the situation where you copy & paste code because sometimes methods get deprecated and you end up copy & pasting deprecated methods. Copy & pasting code without knowing what it does exactly is dangerous.