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STP Toolbox

It often happens that projects have common needs regarding some specific tasks.

STP is probably concerned by this statement.
Here is a discussion about tools that could be shared among components and sub-projects of STP.

WSDL Tools

See here: WSDL toolbox

Ontology and Semantics Tools

Use Cases

SCA Tools

In SCA, we would like to be able to semantically annotate SCA composites.

It consists in adding SAWSDL annotations on XML elements. For this, we'd like to have a search view that allows to load *.owl files (or other ontology files) and search for semantic concepts.
Once the user has found the concept he wanted, he can dragged and dropped it from the search view to the SCA element to annotate.

Ideas of Tools related to Ontology

  • Semantic view: a view to search and discover semantic concepts.

It could be used to annotate files and cooperate with diagram editors (SCA, BPMN, BPEL, JWT), e.g. by interacting with DnD.

Existing Tools

  • Eclipse does not have much tools for Ontology, and does not provide such a view.

The reference in Ontology world is Protege.

Possible contributions

  • Ontology Search View

There is an incubation feature in SCA Tools, including a search view for semantic concepts. It could be part of this toolbox.

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