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STP PolicyEditor XEF WTP Integration

This page is meant to be used as a coordination tool for the work to integrate the two policy editor components in Eclipse STP. Details about the goals of the integration can be found in the transscript of the telco held on Nov. 22nd.

Pending features

This section contains a list of features that need to be completed, but have not been started yet. The plan is to move a number of features to the "work in progress" section at the start of each sprint.

Each feature should have a one-line abstract here, a detailed description can be added in a corresponding bugzilla entry.

Work in progress

This section contains a list of features that should be completed in the current sprint. Each of the features must have a responsible contributor assigned to it. Bugzilla entries for each feature are mandatory for this stage.

Completed tasks

Let's hope this one fills up quickly :-)

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