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STP/WeeklyMeetings/MinutesJan10 2008


Weekly Meeting Minues Jan 10th 2008


Johnson Ma (IONA) Alex Chen (IONA) Adrian Skehill (IONA) Andrei Sharkin (SOPERA) Jerry Preissler (SOPERA) Etienne Juliot (Obeo) Antoine Toulme (Intalio)


Oisin Hurley (IONA) Adrian Mos (INRIA) Stéphane Drapeau (Obeo)


Meeting opened with Adrian nominated to take the minutes

Alex proceeded to give an update on the build status using Buckminster. It is nearly ready and can now be used to reliably build the STP, and he has configuration for cruise control prepared. He has moved to 0.3.0 and will use the Platform Materializer to remove the need for a locally installed eclipse on the users build machine. We are also waiting on support to run the tests from within Buckminster and he anticipates that once that is complete he will be able to complete out the build system in 1 - 2 weeks.

Andrei: Do we have any documentation on this? Alex:' Yes we do but I'll send out the wiki page and make sure it's updated today.

Adrian then went on to discuss the 1.0 project plan that he circulated to the stp-dev alias. Release dates and drops are on the STP plan wiki page [1]

Jerry and Andrei indicated they were comfortable with the deadlines and would hope to release with 1.0. Etienne said he was confident about getting the SCA editor in, but there were some IP issues that needed to be resolved.

Adrian and Johnson said that they were confident about meeting the deadlines for their projects and would be putting detailed work break down on the wiki.

Adrian asked that all sub-project take the next few days to break down what work would be required for 1.0 create bugzilla entries for them, and update them into the plan. We would then spend some more time next Thursday reviewing it.

Any other business:

Etienne explained that he had a con-call with the Apache Tuscany guys and they were going to use the SCA editor for tutorial material. It is starting to look like there will be better Tuscany / STP integration in the pipeline.

Meeting Closed.

[1] STP Plan

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