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This is the process that's usually followed to create a full build of everything

Build all components/projects

This build will compile all of the sub-projects and components and results in an archived update site that you can install directly into your Eclipse IDE. The build is designed to do all of the getting of source code from the SVN repository at, so this build will only function if you are online. If you have ideas for an offline build, then please consider submitting a Bugzilla with your ideas, or better still, patches.

The execution is straightforward - simply check out the STP toplevel build and call ant to kick things off. You will need ant version 1.7.1, because the build takes advantage of a new task that is only available starting at that version.

$ svn co build
$ cd build
$ ant -Dplatform=/somewhere/eclipse build

That should be all there is to it! After the build has completed, you will have the update site archived as a zip file in the /somewhere/myBuild directory. The must be an absolute path. The platform should be set to where you have all the dependencies in place. You will find a list of the dependencies, and how to create a platform installation at this wiki entry.

Create a Milestone Build for Release Train

(coming soon!).

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