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STP/Archive/STP Project Plan

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The STP is intended to provide support for SOA developers in whatever task the need to accomplish to deliver SOA-based solutions. Each of these areas will present us with developing new technologies or re-using existing ones from the Eclipse ecosystem and other license-compatible sources.

Entries below marked with Europa are scheduled for the Europa release Jun 29, 2007.

Creation of Services

JAXWS (Europa)

Developer support for productivity in constructing JAX-WS based services.

Code-first development

1. Extension point for WSDL generation, to be used by incremental builder
2. Annotations validation pack
3. API Enabler plugin

WSDL-first development

1. Extension point for Java code generation
2. Integration with WTP WSDL editor

JAXB Schema development

1. Extension point for schema compilation
2. Incremental builder for schemas

SCA/Java (Europa)

1. Extension point for WSDL generation
2. SCDL Editor
3. Annotations validation pack
4. API Enabler plugin

PHP/Java (After Europa)

C++/Java (After Europa)

Common Facilities (Europa)

1. Entry point for sub-projects
2. Integration of New... wizards from sub-projects

Composition of Services

BPEL (Europa)

1. Integration of BPEL editor from Technology
2. Article on BPEL development with STP

BPMN (Europa)

1. Code generation framework for Editor
2. BPEL generation exemplar

Assembly of Services

Using SCA (After Europa)

Using JBI (After Europa)

Deployment of Services

Web Container (Europa)

JBI Container (Europa)

Publishing Services

To a Registry (After Europa)

To a Repositories (After Europa)


See and for details.

Of course, there is also Bugzilla.

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