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SMILA/Project Concepts/Outdated


XML Message Processor (Obsolete)

The XML message processor is a stack of functionalities to process XML messages within the SMILA. The target architecture will do the whole message processing within the BPEL module. The change for making the XML message processor obsolete requires the introduction of two different configuration classes. In the new design "system processes" and "data manipulation processes" are separated. This separation is a logical concept (not a technical one). For the end user these two processes must be distinguishable by the UI or by file extension. The routing and buffering functionality will be moved to the connectivity module. Splitter, filter and persistence are implemented as BPEL components.


Split a message into several sub messages (Compound management, page based indexing of PDF documents, ...)


Filters are capable to prevent information from being processed on a content based level (e.g. log files, images, everything about WII). These filters are working in the BPEL, because that way filters are more dynamically. Additionally filters are still implemented in IRMs.


Persistence is a placeholder for any operations on the data storage or for indexing operations.


The router is able to assign information from a source (or even content specific) to a data flow process.

Buffer (P2)

The buffer buffers information of a source temporary and is able to remove annihilating operations over time (e.g. create before a delete delete).

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