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SMILA/Project Concepts/Core Conce


This concept describes the general system architecture. Additionally core or general concepts are referenced. Good and bad practices to keep a ceirtain maintainability are handled also.

Architecture Overview - Service Level.png

Key parts of the architecture could be found in the following concepts:


Technical proposal

{info} Note: This section may only be edited by assigned developer(s). His responsibility is also to reflect any agreed changes/details in discussion section. {info}

Runtime process and environment

SMILA/Project_Concepts/Runtime Process and Environment


  • Availability of the whole solution
  • Availability of components
  • Component control (start, stop, ...)
  • SNMP, JMX, MBean

see SMILA/Project_Concepts/Monitoring for detailed specification.


  • Normalize Log format
  • Log statements in conditions!
  • Commons-logging (interface)
  • Log4* as background
  • OSGi Logging Service

Performance Measurement

  • Performance counter support in java components
  • Performance counter usage must be described in concepts.
  • Developers are responsible to ask for performance counter usage in components

Good and Bad Practices

Good Practices

Bad Practices

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