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SMILA/Documentation/REST API Reference

This page is intended to serve as a cross reference to the SMILA manual based on the SMILA ReST API. It lists all URLs of the ReST API and links them to the manual page that describes it.

  • /smila/: Main entry page: system state overview and links to the other APIs.
    • pipelets/: Show available pipelets.
    • pipeline/: Show, modify and invoke available pipelines.
    • jobmanager/: JobManager entry page, just links to the APIs below:
    • job/<jobName>/: Bulkbuilder Push API
      • record/: Add a record to a running job for adding or deleting.
      • bulk/: Add a bulk of records to a running job for adding or deleting.
    • tasks/: Show and inspect worker task queues.
    • importing/: Entry page for service APIs of the importing framework, just links to APIs below:
      • delta/: Show and cleanup state of datasources in Delta service.
      • visitedlinks/: Show and cleanup state of datasources in VisitedLinks service.
    • scripts/: List all exposed (JavaScript) scripts.
    • store/: Show, modify and inspect the ObjectStore service.
    • solr/: Overview of current solr index state and possible admin requests.
    • debug/: Internal information for debugging purposes. May change at any time and without notice, therefore intentionally left undocumented.
  • /taskmanager/: TaskManager API for workers not running embedded in SMILA. Not intended for usage with web browsers
  • /zookeeper/: Inspect contents of Zookeeper's z-node tree. For debugging purposes.

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