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SMILA/Documentation/Multiple Instances

Installing Multiple IAS Instances on a Single Machine

It is possible to install and run multiple SMILA instances on the same machine(s) if you adapt the used port numbers and the location of some important directories so that the individual installations will not interfere with each other. This works for multi-node clusters and one-node installations likewise.

To install multiple IAS instances on the same hardware (for multi-node clusters, this has to be done on each node of the cluster):

  • Prepare separate installation folders for each SMILA instance:
  • Make sure that the HTTP port is set to different values - in configuration/org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig.simple/clusterconfig.json:
    • httpPort (default: 8080)
  • Make sure that the ports in SMILA.ini are set to different ports on each instance.
    • (default: 9004)
  • Make sure that Zookeeper ports are set to different ports - create configuration/org.eclipse.smila.zookeeper/zoo.cfg in at least one instance (the default file is empedded in the org.eclipse.smila.zookeeper plugin, you can also download it from SVN):
    • clientPort (default: 2181)
    • zk.serverPort (default: 2888)
    • zk.electionPort (default: 3888)
    • If you change the following properties from their default values, make sure that they are set to different values in the instances, too:
      • dataDir (default: workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.smila.zookeeper)
      • dataLogDir (default: workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.smila.zookeeper)

You should now be able to start both SMILA installations at the same time.

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