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This is an implementation of the interface, allowing to resolve principals against an LDAP directory.

The following LDAP object classes are interpreted as groups:

  • group
  • groupOfNames
  • groupOfUniqueNames
  • dynamicGroup
  • dynamicGroupAux


Property Constraint Description required the ip adress or hostname of the LDAP directory server
ldap.port optional the port of the LDAP directory server, default is 389
ldap.login required the full user DN used to log into the LDAP directory
ldap.password required the password for the user configured in ldap.login
ldap.base.dn required the base DN used as root folder to search principals in
ldap.username.attribute optional the name of the LDAP property containing the user id, default is "cn"

The configuration file has to be named and has to be located in folder configuration/

Example for LDAPSecurityResolver

# connection settings
#ldap server settings

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