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SMILA/Documentation/Bundle org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig

Bundle org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig

This page gives only a rough overview of the components. Please refer to the JavaDoc for specific information.



The JavaDoc for the ClusterConfigService API can be found at org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig.ClusterConfigService.


The ClusterConfigService aims at defining a service interface for a configuration service for a SMILA cluster and its components.

With this service a set of nodes of the worker can be retrieved, settings for HTTP ports of different services or scale up control configuration can be retrieved.

The interface of ClusterConfigService is defined in org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig.ClusterConfigService.

Exceptions defined in org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig


The JavaDoc for the exceptions defined in org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig can be found at org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig.

The JavaDoc for the ClusterConfigException can be found at org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig.ClusterConfigException.


There is only one exception type defined: ClusterConfigException


A simple json configuration file based implementation can be found in package org.eclipse.smila.clusterconfig.simple.

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