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SCA/Components/SCA MMExtension


This page explains, step by step, how to extend the SCA meta model.

Create a new plugin

  1. Create a new plugin:
    1. File > New > Project..., then select Plug-in Project. Click Next. SCA-01-pluginWizard.png
    2. Set the project name. Click Finish. SCA-02-pluginWizard.png
  2. Create a directory named “model” SCA-03-3-ModelDirectory.png.

Create an SCA meta model extension

  1. Create a new Ecore model. SCA-04-EcoreModel.png
  2. Open the ecore model.
  3. Load the SCA meta model (right click > Load Resource...). Click Browse Registered Package, select the SCA/OSOA meta model. SCA-05-LoadResource.png
  4. Select the EPackage of your meta model. Set the Name, NSPrefix and the NSURI.
  5. Add a new EClass named DocumentRoot. This EClass must extend the DocumentRoot of the SCA meta model. SCA-06-DocumentRoot.png
  6. Add a new EAnnotation (source = http:///org/eclipse/emf/ecore/util/ExtendedMetaData).
  7. Add two DetailEntry:
    • name → empty Value.
    • kind → mixed.
  8. Then, under the DocumentRoot add a new EReference. Set the name, the cardinality (min:0, max: -2), and the containment (true).
  9. Add a new EAnnotation with the following DetailEntry:
    • kind → element
    • name → (for instance implementation.fractal or binding.jbi)
    • namespace → ##targetNamespace
    • affiliation → (scaType = binding, interface or implementation).

Create a new SCA Element

  1. Select the EPackage and create a new EClass. Set the name (for instance FractalImplementation) and the ESuper Type (Implementation, Interface or Binding).
  2. Create a new EAnnotation, with the following DetailEntry: SCA-07-NewSCAElement.png
    • name → SCA Type name
    • kind → elementOnly
  3. Then, add the attributes and references for the new SCA element.

Generate the meta model code

  1. Create a new genmodel: File>New>Other>EMF Model. SCA-08-CreateGenmodel.png
  2. Click the Next button. Set the genmodel name, click the Next button. Select Ecore model as Model Importer, click the Next button. SCA-09-ChooseEcore.png
  3. Select the ecore file defined in the previous section, then click the Next button. SCA-10-ChooseEcore.png
  4. Select which package to generate and the referenced generator models (sca, sca.policy and sca.instance). Click the Finish button. SCA-11-ChooseEcore.png
  5. That's all, you can generate the code.

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