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SCA Tools provides a semantic feature : SCA Tools Feature - SAWSDL Support. It allows users to add SAWSDL annotations on extended SCA elements :

  • Component
  • ComponentService
  • ComponentReference


In order to be able to drag and drop semantic information from the ontology view, you need to :

  • have SCA Tools and SCA Tools feature - SAWSDL support,
  • install the Jena 2.0 Library Plugin on your machine,
  • set up Jena with rosetta.owl.

Install SCA Tools

Follow the instruction on the wiki to get SCA Tools.

Do not forget to select the SCA Tools Feature - SAWSDL support which brings the semantic annotations support to SCA Tools.

Install Jena Library

Jena is a Java Framework for building Semantic Web applications.
The Jena 2.0 Library Plugin is a wrapper for the latest Jena Libraries, it brings the API support when developing other Eclipse plugins.

To install the plugin, use Jena 2.0 Library Plugin update site in the SCA Tools installation instructions Jena2.0LibraryPlugin.png

Get a sample semantic model

Semantic Annotations for WSDL are described on the following location : Semantic Annotations for WSDL.

Sample semantic models can be found on the following location :

Download the purchase order ontology.

The Ontology Concept Digger view

This view uses any installed semantic framework like Jena to add semantic information to SCA elements.
It is a search view that allows to load *.owl files (or other ontology files) and search for semantic conecpts.
Once the wanted concept is found, it can be dragged and dropped from the search view to the SCA element to annotate.

If the Ontology Concept Digger view is not visible :

  • Go to Window menu > Show view > Other.
  • Select Semantic > Ontology Concept Digger.

Ontology Concept Digger configuration

The Ontology Concept Digger can use local and remote OWL models. To use a local model :

  • Click on the View menu button > Modify Sources Settings.

Ontology Concept Digger : modify sources settings

  • In the General tab, select Use Local OWL files.

Ontology Concept Digger : use local models

  • In the Local OWL Models tab, add and select the previously downloaded purchasedorder.owl

Ontology Concept Digger : select use local models

DnD enabled from the view to some SCA elements

The following SCA elements are SAWSDL enabled : Component, Component Services, Component References.
The Ontology Concept Digger provides DnD from its result list to these elements.

How to add semantic information to a composite

There are two ways to add semantic annotations on SAWSDL extended SCA elements.

SAWSDL Extension / properties

Manual Annotation in properties view

Drag and drop semantic information from the Ontology Concept Digger

  • Open the Ontology Concept Digger.
  • Enter the following request : Order.
  • Click on Search.


  • Drag one of the results and drop it on a Component / ComponentService / ComponentReference.

The model reference feature is automatically completed.

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