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SBVR Tools Metamodel

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This page describes the SBVR metamodel used for tool development. It is different from the SBVR Exchange Metamodel that is used only for XMI serialization to the SBVR exchange document format. The SBVR Tools Metamodel is optimized for development of tools that create and use SBVR vocabularies and rules. This project will implement a feature for transforming models to/from the SBVR exchange document metamodel.

Design Rationale

These pages describe more detail about the design rationale for the SBVR Tools Metamodel.

Model and Diagrams

The UML and Ecore models for this metamodel are checked into CVS in the plugin: org.eclipse.sbvr. This model is an incomplete work-in-progress and will be updated until a first release is finished.

Class diagrams for:

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